Tips for avoiding scam psychics

Tips for avoiding Scam PsychicsIt can be easy to find ourselves wanting quick answers or wishing to speak to the loved ones that we have lost, and I fully believe that there are some very gifted individuals in the world that can do these things.  But there are also a lot more individuals out there that are more than ready to take advantage of our desperation or our grief.

When one chooses to go to a psychic, I suggest the following:

1) Check the person out.  If they are not using their real name, this is a major red flag.  They are most likely a scam artist or have mental issues.  No one bothers any of the mediums or sensitives that I know, and if you are told that is the reason for using a fake name (especially if they have provided you and other people with their personal contact information), it is a lie.  Don’t be afraid to ask for references from other clients.

2) Be sure as best as you can that the person has not had any access to your personal information.  Go to your profiles on social networks, read back on any blogs, surveys, essays, even statuses that you may have posted and get a feel for what you have put out there about yourself.  If this information is all that you get from your reading, than again, you are being scammed.  At the very least, the reader will not be able to prove otherwise unless they can offer up some detail that you know no one else knows.

3) Watch for vague open answers.  Only accept very detailed intricate information as something valid.  I can tell anyone “I see a person standing behind you, their name starts with C”, and the chances are that they could find some dead relative in their line somewhere who’s name started with a C.  And most likely, the person will then yell out “Oh, that is so and so!”  This is feeding the reader information.  Don’t speak or answer any questions during your reading.

4) Bring a friend. Or two or three.  If you told that your friends cannot stay in the room, and you do not feel comfortable, then leave with them.

5) Ask for a free reading first before paying for anything.  If the person is not willing to do the initial reading for free, then walk away.  Only pay if after following the rules above, you are satisfied that the reader is genuine.

NEVER EVER pay for a psychic to find a missing item or person!!  The chances of finding your lost and stolen item are slim to none, unless you have already established that the reader is a valid gifted individual.  If a person is missing, and the police department wishes to bring in a psychic, they will do so themselves, at no cost to you or the department or anyone else.  Missing persons cases are no place for people to be making money, and if anyone tells you that it is okay, they are just wanting to take advantage of you.

Don’t feel guilty for checking out a person or testing them if they are asking for your money.   No one buys a new car without test driving it, and the same thing applies here.

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