The Quantum Mind: Can Science Explain Paranormal Phenomena? – By Ian Webb

Published in 2019, this book does stand out in a trash heap of Paranormal 101, ‘’This is how it is’’ and ‘’This is the best way to do this’’ books that have saturated the scene. Alongside the tide of para-silliness from T.V celebs, wannabee T.V celebs and social media whores peddling false / fake, badly researched, or delusional nonsense to the naïve and gullible.
While I wouldn’t consider this book as scientifically influenced, as the title might suggest; the research and practical thinking is definitely there. Even to the point of being critical in parts. Something that is sorely missing in today’s field. It also attempts to break down some of the more divisive and controversial, (even ‘’flakey woo’’) grey areas of the paranormal.
Each chapter takes the reader into paranormal research techniques, laboratory experiments, and case studies. It delves into the potential theoretical basis to paranormal occurrences; from the neurological & psychological, or environmental factors and the possible connections between actual paranormal events and quantum mechanics. (Something I admit I know very little about and find hard to digest at times. I get lost in that jargon!)
Researcher, Ian Webb has a degree in Psychology and using these credentials, asks the big questions. Does Paranormal phenomena really exist? Is it truly a phenomenon, or just something we have overlooked or are yet to learn about ourselves. Is there a scientific way to conclusively document, clarify and understand these experiences?
Topics like Near Death Experiences, Remote Viewing, Mediumship case studies and research, Cases studies of Haunted locations, Poltergeist cases, Extra Sensory Perception, whether humans have the ability to influence objects or people beyond normal means and Research into past lives are all spread out on the table for analysis and discussion. Worth a read, I reckon.

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