The Drovers Inn – Scotland

Tonight’s haunted Scottish hotel on our journey is the infamous Drovers Inn, nestled in the leafy and rural, Inverarnan.

It’s known for being one of the most haunted places in the UK.
Entering this creaky old establishment, we are greeted by a freakshow array of horror props and many taxidermy animals in cabinets. I think I’m going to feel right at home here!
This is how I would probably decorate my home….. if I was allowed.
We weren’t able to book the ‘’Haunted Room no.6’’, but we’ll see how we go with the one we’re in.
Wifi here is frustratingly shit though.
There are spooky stories aplenty about this rustic beauty.
The ghosts of a whole family that froze to death trying to get to the Drovers Inn are at times seen on the land. Reports unusual shadows, flying lights, a little girl in a pink dress, Angus an old herder (Drover) is sometimes heard screaming in pain and out for revenge at the thieves that stole his cattle. Guests have reported being woken through the night having felt a small ice cold and wet body next to them in the bed; thought to be Anabel, a little girl that drowned in the River Falloch, just behind the Inn.
Looks like it’s going to be a bit chilly. An expected minus 2 degrees tonight, apparently!

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