Pumphouse Theatre Overnight Public Ghost hunt

By Mark Wallbank

Paranormal Investigator and Founder of Haunted Auckland. I have been a mad researcher of everything Paranormal, Extraterrestrial and Crypto-zoological, since early childhood. When not creating electronic music, watching Horror movies and documentaries, archiving and documenting NZ’s diverse and eclectic music history, I have spent countless hours investigating and furthering my research out in the field, either as part of a group or solo, since the early 80′s. I’ve spent much time in opportunistic investigations whilst travelling around New Zealand and Internationally.

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  1. you guys use a ouija board ? Even I wouldn’t touch that. You never know what comes through or if the spirit is who it claims it is. Demonic entities love to trick and fool to create a portal to enter. Good to see there is a paranormal group here in Auckland. Will be following :)

  2. I have used the same make of Ouija Board. I tried using it many times and with different approaches. Nothing ever happened.

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