PUBLIC GHOST HUNT: Kingseat Maximum Security Buildings Feb 21st 2015

– Was such a great night. Can’t wait to do it again.
– Definitely doing it again!
– WOW, I’m still buzzing!
– We had such a fun time, thank you so much. We learnt so much from you guys and cant wait to hang out with you again soon. Please do more! PS the cake was amazing!
– I’m definitely keen to do it again. I think I’m addicted.
– One of THE best nights! My experience was unreal.
– That was so freaky!

– I’ve been talking about it all week. Cant wait for the next one!
– Thanks Haunted Auckland for the awesome tour!
– Thanks so much to the Haunted Auckland team tonight! Had such an amazing time, and the catering that you put on for us also was really nice of you to do, the spread was wonderful! I will definitely be looking forward to more and upcoming stuff with you guys! Thanks again
– Thanks so much for the great opportunity Haunted Auckland!

– I had an amazing experience! Already want to do it again.


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