PUBLIC GHOST HUNTS: Kingseat Hospital – Maximum Security Buildings- Oct 11th / 18th


OCTOBER 11th – 8pm till Midnight.


A night of Paranormal Investigation with New Zealand’s most active and recognised Paranormal research team.

Here is your chance to join Haunted Auckland as a Paranormal Investigator for a night of frights, learning and fun in this fascinating and notoriously ‘active’ historical location!

Have you got what it takes?

Note: This is an R18 only event

You will get to….

– Meet the H.A team

– Be a Haunted Auckland team member for a night.

– Be shown first hand how we conduct some of our investigations.

– Watch a video presentation and hear a few stories from the team.

– Learn some basic Paranormal 101.

– Learn some of the history of this ex Psychiatric Hospital

– Use some of the team’s investigation equipment

– Be involved in EVP communication sessions.  (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

– Get to see behind the scenes in this fascinating location and get the ‘hands on’ paranormal experience you’ve been waiting for!

– A light supper will be provided.

–  Prizes!

2 Massive buildings – 2 teams – 4 hours of investigation, training and fun – and as much darkness as we can muster up!

Your journey will commence at 8pm and will finish on the stroke of midnight.

Tickets are limited to 40 and are $50.00 each. (Plus booking fee)

Demand is very high for this event, so please jump in quick to avoid missing out.


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What to bring:

  •  Warm clothing
  • Comfortable soft soled shoes
  • A torch
  • A camera
  • An open mind and a good sense of humour.

Disclaimer –

AsylumPaintballLogoHaunted Auckland and Asylum Paintball make no guarantees that ghosts will make an appearance or that paranormal activity will occur on the night.

Haunted Auckland or Asylum Paintball cannot be held responsible for any haunting, soul-possession or poltergeist activity endured before, during or after participation on the Ghost Hunt.

Rules –

  • NO alcohol or drugs will be welcome at this event.  Anyone under the influence of either will be refused entry.
  • Anyone misbehaving, causing trouble or a disturbance, caught stealing, vandalising or being overly disruptive will be dealt with appropriately.
  • As you will be considered an official H.A team member for the night, you will be expected to follow our solid team ethics, rules and safety procedures.  If you do not like following rules and working as a team, this event is not for you.

Check out our Haunted Auckland investigation reports for the first two night sessions in the Maximum Security buildings.

Here is the 3rd part / night session, plus a full summary of our previous investigations.