Public Event: Waiuku Museum – July 3rd 2021

We regularly have people in contact with us, interested in joining the team and wanting to get more involved with the type of research we do. There seems to be a wide degree of fascination for this field, mostly prompted by T.V and online paranormal shows and movies. It’s a field of research that seems to be constantly evolving as new information, experiences, findings and data is being documented worldwide.
We try and do a few of these events per year and they are very popular, as it gives our followers a chance to give it a go for themselves. They can use the equipment we use and spend time in an allegedly haunted location to get a first-hand experience. Whether anything happens is another story. We can’t guarantee that anyone will experience actual paranormal activity on the night, as that kind of activity is quite rare and sporadic. ‘’They’’ certainly don’t perform on cue, and we don’t expect them to.
Even though we are just working on theories, beliefs, and opinions and no one definitely or conclusively knows what a ghost is yet, we still need to remain respectful and professional in the way we approach each case.
It is also a good chance for us to give something back and say thanks to the location for allowing us valuable research time in their building. After all the covid lockdowns, many historical locations are really struggling to stay open. If we can help them keep their doors open to the public, then certainly it is no issue.
With each event we learn new things, meet new people, and think of different ways to approach future events. We are continually experimenting with new ideas and trialing new technology to see what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of trashy gadgets being pushed out in the scene that simply do not do what they are claimed to do. Our job as researchers and investigators is to sort the facts from the fiction. We bring a lot of these gadgets and investigation tools to the events and explain how they work. What they were created for, the potential for false readings and their reliability when it comes to documenting accurate data.
We also brought in a few old-school techniques and experiments to have a go at.
It’s great seeing people learning and really getting into it. Some of them are facing a few fears by attending, which is fantastic. Some are quite sceptical and are aiming to validate their scepticism by attending. One thing we all have in common at these events is that we are all looking for answers and we are all hoping for a connection. Be that connection a personal experience, gained knowledge, validation, or some sort of emotional closure. Everyone gets something positive from it, and that is what matters in the end.
It was an intriguing night for sure. We experienced quite a few interesting occurrences on this very frosty night. From sudden EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) spikes, seemingly in answer to questions, and sudden temperature increases (when it should’ve been decreasing in that cold!)
A few well-timed light activations from some trigger lights we’ve been experimenting with.
A few claims of the sensation of being touched.
A few mysterious shadow figures were also sighted in an area of the museum by numerous attendees. On closer inspection, no one was there.
We heard odd whisper-like sounds during communication recording sessions, a heap of ‘’orbs’’, a doll that moved while someone was taking photos of it, some conveniently timed bangs and tapping, and the more sensitive and gifted in the audience seemed to be picking up on the same characters in certain rooms.
They / We often say ‘’ghosts don’t perform on cue’’. Well, it certainly didn’t appear that way last night!
We love returning to the Waiuku Museum for further research sessions and the team are grateful for the generous ongoing access they allow us. It’s a fascinating location, with a wonderful, community-based history. The collections housed inside are certainly eclectic and fascinating!

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