Private Residence, Titirangi

A bedroom in our client’s Titirangi home gives people nightmares and the sensation of being watched…


This investigation took place in a private residence in the Auckland suburb of Titirangi. Specific details of the location and the current occupants of the home have been omitted or censored in this report to maintain their privacy.



1750 – Titirangi is the historical site of a battle in 1750 between the Waiohua and Ngati Whatua tribes during which thousands were killed, but there’s no way of knowing whether it was in the vicinity of this property.

1944 – Site of the current house on [street name] was on the rural section of a property approximately located at [nearby main road] as determined from a 1944 map of Titirangi. Prior to 1960, older properties on [nearby main road] did not necessarily have street numbers, making it difficult to determine who occupied the land from Electoral Rolls.

There is no reference to any addresses in [street name] prior to 1975 Electoral Roll. Presumably this means the land for the street had not been subdivided yet. It was likely an area of bush south of properties on [adjacent street], and following an existing creek bed draining north. Both [street name] and the street leading into it were likely subdivided at the same time around 1974.

No reference to any occupiers of the property in the 1975 Electoral Roll, however some addresses in [street name] are occupied at this time.

1978 – Property is listed as occupied by [original occupants name’s removed]. The original owner became an NZ citizen in 1977, was born in Fiji. They would appear to be the original occupiers first house on the property. They do not appear on the Electoral Roll prior to 1978.

1981 – Property was still occupied by the original occupants. We have ascertained the original occupants are still living, but moved out of the house some time after 1981.


The allegedly haunted location is the teenage daughter’s bedroom. The daughter has complained often about finding it very difficult to sleep in the room, suffers nightmares and often has the overwhelming feeling of someone being in the room watching her. Her boyfriend refuses to stay over at night as he too has bad nightmares when sleeping in the room. As do her other friends that would stay over. One of their cats is terrified of the room and will not go anywhere near it.

As a result the girl refuses to sleep at home now. With school restarting, the mother is desperate to get her daughter feeling comfortable and back sleeping in her own bedroom again. According to the mother, the rest of the house is fine and doesn’t show any of the bedrooms strange symptoms.


On arrival the team were shown around the house, told of its history and lead into the bedroom. Due to the limited space available to us, the investigation was restricted in what equipment we could use and our movements, but we did manage a thorough EMF sweep, ran 3 digital audio recorders, a static IR video camera and two digital cameras to document the surroundings.

Our sensitive, Kel, picked up on a few atmospheric changes which were also felt by Barbara. At one point both women sitting on the daughter’s bed claimed to feel the bed moving or vibrating. Kel also tried communications, as she was picking up on an entity. The answers she received were that the entity was a man, that he was not related to the daughter, did not live in the house and when asked “Why are you here?”, allegedly answered “Watching [daughter’s name]”. Kel was unable to get a name for us.

We went around outside the house and found a large electrical power meter box right outside the girl’s bedroom window, positioned on the outside wall, directly behind where her head would be when sleeping. This meter was the main supply to the other flats in the building. The large, multi level house had been divided up into individual flats. The house the mother and daughter live in is an extension added onto the right side of the house.


No photographic or video anomalies were detected upon reviewing the standard and infra-red camera footage taken during this investigation.

No audio anomalies or Electronic Voice Phenomena (E.V.P.) were detected upon reviewing the digital audio recordings taken during this investigation.

No unusual data was recorded.


In conclusion, whilst our sensitive had picked up on a possible entity, we were unable to specifically document this audibly or visually. Therefore we aren’t able to use this as solid conclusive evidence and proof of a domestic haunting.

The power meter box positioned on the exterior wall of the daughter’s bedroom, adjacent to the head of the bed, may explain the nightmares and the uncomfortable feelings of being watched, due to the amount of electromagnetic activity given off, which as been known to have adverse effects upon those who are sensitive to Electro-Magnetic Fields.

The team felt this may have been a possible contributing factor to some of the experiences reported in this house.

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