Paranormal Attachments

I have written previously in the past about topics such as demonic possession, shadow people, and even altered dimensions, which brings me to my latest topic surrounding paranormal attachments. It is important to understand that the information/content of my writings are all based on theories only, which I gathered from personal research, experiences, and case studies. Nothing is factual.

Now it is believed that there is a paranormal phenomenon that has the ability to latch on/ attach itself to us HUMANS, OBJECTS, or even LOCATIONS. I have divided them into 3 basic categories, starting from what I believe to be the weakest to the strongest. The First one is Energy (Positive or negative) The Second one, is that of a Ghost and or Spirit (which are the souls of the deceased), and Thirdly; Demonic/ non-human entities (a source or agent of evil)

So how and why would anything want to attach itself to us? Let’s start with the first, one, Energy. We have all experienced what an atmosphere feels like, the ability to walk into an empty room and you can just feel the type of energy lingering there. Huma beings are made of energy as well, which means we too, have the ability to absorb, produce and create energy. However, we more often than none do this subconsciously, and just like an object infused with electricity, we too can become somewhat of an open electrical conductor, which meant we can’t always help absorbing energies within our direct field of contact.

Ghosts and or Spirits attachments. I have dealt with cases in the past where people believed that their house or even themselves have attracted a ghost/spirit, and even though the thought may be unnerving itself, the majority of the time -they did not feel threatened by it at all, in fact, some would give their ghost a nickname or knew exactly who they the spirit was and what it wanted… I have also found that ghosts don’t necessarily tend to attach to or haunt complete strangers or location, when spirits tend to linger around a person- it could be to get a message across on their behalf or it has something to do with unfinished business that needs resolving, an acknowledgment of some kind required. Spirits that are particularly location-based may not have the ability to move on.
The location itself may have been where they initially lost their lives or even a place of happiness-hence returning there for them is a familiar sight and feeling, avoiding dealing with the trauma and reality of their death. The Third attachment type, Demonic/inhuman entities (the rarest of them all) Unlike the other two attachments, this one has a more sinister side to it. This is not the energy you want in any way shape or form to latch on to you. So how does it happen? I was involved in a case in South Africa many years ago involving such an attachment.

A friend of mine rang me up for help explaining after she moved in with her new partner they both started noticing something wasn’t right in the home. Something had changed. It was late one night that she sent me a photo she had just taken in her bedroom. Without explaining to me what I had to look for, I could see what they saw in their mirror, and I won’t lie, it was unnerving, to say the least, and I suspected there was more to the story than they were revealing. Reluctant to initially tell me she had to if she wanted to get help. She explained her partner was having an affair with her while in a serious long term committed relationship. It was within this relationship that he and her frequently delved in to the black arts while under the influence of narcotics. He eventually left his partner for my friend. To say that his ex-partner was upset was an understatement. She made it very clear to him that she would curse him, and so she did.

So she summoned a demon to do her bidding. The only problem with that is, Demon’s don’t play by anyone’s rules, and no one was off limits, including herself. This is how through just pure affiliation you can find yourself being unwillingly affected by such an attachment. Many cultures today such as Voodoo still sees the practices of the dark arts. Its no secret the Mexican drug cartel have a strong belief in their Diablo – The Devil. In fact, they frequently participate in human sacrifices. There are also other theories as to how these attachments can find their way to you. Another one is that being “Gateways-Portals”. Gateways can take many shapes and forms, one being that of a Ouija Board used to contact spirits, but then opening up a doorway for other entities to come through at the same time.

Certain rituals are another one. So how to get rid of these unwanted energies. Again, we will start with the first one. Energy. If one wants to get rid of a negative energy you feel has attached itself to you or your home and family, purely removing it doesn’t mean it will last, you will need to fill the empty space with good energy-good vibes to keep the bad ones away if that makes sense. This can take some time to keep up, but the longer you keep at it the better. Now there are several ways of creating positive energy, some people can create their own and others need a little help. Meditation and yoga practices are known to lift stagnant and or negative energy.

Musical therapy has also been scientifically proven to have a direct affect on one’s body and mental state. Crystals, oils and certain essences is another method, one I frequently use. Some seek and rely on their Religion for help. They believe there is power in prayer. Reaching out to your spiritual guide and or spiritual leader. Removing Spiritual attachments. Whether you know who the spirit is that has invaded your space or not, the main things to establish is the connection between you and the spirit. You may think there is none, think a little harder. Spirits tend to move on after receiving some form of recognition or closure. In order to establish what closure is needed ,would require some investigation to be done on your part. However, moving into a location where spirits have already made a home for themselves means that you may need to “negotiate”. After all, they were there first.

Again, try to establish contact and emphasize that the new location is now your home and therefore belongs to you. Sometimes just asking them nicely to leave will do. Other times you may need to make use of a more progressive approach. You can ask for someone to do a smudging, cleansing/clearing if you will. This can be done by yourself as well (and is recommended) since you are the new inhabitant, however some find this idea uncomfortable. In that case reach out to a spiritualist who can assist you. Removing Demonic entities. Establishing what method to use actually relies on a few factors.

One, how long has the Demon been present/ attached. The longer it’s been present and or attached, the harder it will be to get rid of. What is its Legion? Demons are categorized according to legion. Some are older than others, some are stronger than others and contrary to what people may believe, these entities are ACTUALLY exceptionally intelligent. If the demon has had total power over its victim/location for an extended period of time -you may have to look at having an exorcism done. (This is a very controversial and potentially dangerous method and should not be considered lightly) Also, many times it takes several exorcism rituals to work.

The main objective of an exorcism is to get the demon to reveal itself, its name. And that is not an easy task, however, as intelligent as they are, so are they arrogant, and if they boast who they really are this is when you have the upper hand.
Another method that could be used is that of a ritual known as Solomon’s seal. This technique is explained very well in the Old Testament (The Bible). It’s said that king Solomon had the ability and the power to purposely summon demons to do his bidding, helping him build an empire.

Once they have done as he had commanded, he would then entrap them, in order to control them, and them not him. The entrapment process was a ritual itself that would confide the demon in a jar, bottle or anything similar. The bottle or jar would then be covered in religious scripture (a binding spell) so that they would not be able to escape out of it. This bottle or jar would then be disposed of in the ocean and or buried. In the Arab culture they also had a similar ritual in which they would entrap their demons known as Jinns, however in the times of BC (before Christ) they were known to use small lamps to entrap these evil entities, also known as a Genie.

Ultimately regardless of all the above methods mentioned, I believe the strongest weapon we have in avoiding any sort of attachment or worse case having to get rid of one is the confidence and faith we must have in ourselves. Nothing can willingly attach itself or stay attached to us without our full submission or staying in a weakened state.

After all- human beings are the ultimate most powerful beings/entities of them all, somehow, we have just seemed to forget that

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