When Ghost Hunting Goes Bad – An article by Hayley Stevens

A good article by Hayley Stevens that highlights one of the major downfalls of the paranormal research field, that we see around us on an almost daily basis. Especially when it comes to private residential visits.Unfortunately, the field is rife with uneducated, naive and inexperienced enthusiasts; all wanting to play ‘Ghost hunters’ and hopefully become famous and respected/ popular, in the process.

For many, it’s an attempt to generate some sort of much desired status or acceptance from peers, in their lives. For some, it’s a way of making friends, or building self confidence by creating an online illusion that you’re smarter than in reality; and something of an expert when it comes to specialised supernatural matters. In reality, it can create more danger and damage than they realise. Exploring and investigating publically accessible historical locations is one thing. No one is relying on you for desperate help or assistance.

No one should be attempting to take on private home cases without at least a basic understanding of science, mental health, atmospheric conditions, photography, cause and effect and other ground level areas that should be at first acknowledged. To leap into private home cases, welding a K2 meter and a self appointed medium with an alleged special ”gift” of being able to “speak to, and see ghosts, all the time”, has shown time and time again, to add much unneeded trauma to the situation.

Especially on a first visit, when a medium tells the family that ”yes there is a dark and negative energy in this house”…..”possibly demonic”. really? With nothing as actual evidence or proof of said statement, but the misguided ”feelings” of the medium, they have suddenly excalated the desperation, anxiety and fear within that household.

Read Hayley’s article here


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