Manifesting Spirits – A Paranormal Theory

IMGMost of us have heard of “The Secret” and “Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction”, the power of positive affirmations and envisioning what we want and need in life, and making it into a real, and physical object or situation. Many of us practice these beliefs daily, through prayer, positive thoughts, and positive actions, whether it be by wishing for the perfect car park, wishing for more money or praying for better health, for oneself, or another. We watch on Television when church groups use the power of prayer to heal the sick and frail, but does it work?

What if it does?

What if one is able to do it without realising, say in their sleep?

What if they are able to do it subconsciously whilst fully awake?

What if one was able to physically manifest a spirit, or “ghost”…consciously or subconsciously, could the human brain contain such power?

The power of the brain and its effect upon the world surrounding it is not understood, and largely ignored in the scientific community. There is plenty to research here in regards to the world of the “normal” and the “paranormal”.

What if the human brain, or the world around us, was able to manifest one emotion that we felt so overwhelmingly, into the form of a human or animal in spirit form?

Could this explain where Angels come from?

What if the manifestation is a negative emotion? Hate or Anger – could the physical manifestation be what we know as Demons?

Could this also explain Poltergeists as a manifestation of confusion within emotion?

Do we believe because we want to see and feel, and then manifest a spirit?

If one could manifest an emotion into spirit form, whom would that spirit appear to be?

Would it be, to the person manifesting, someone resembling a perpetrator of that emotion? – Say a school boy was a bully too a young girl, the girl, in later life manifests her emotion and it appears as the school boy, or would it be a bastardisation of the boy she knew, with the negative emotions warping the memory, time skewing things, a little distorted fantasy thrown in? What if she still knew of the boy now as an adult, would the representation be a warping of the two memories blended together, creating a new identity for the negative emotion?

Would this “entity” then, being “born” of emotion be able to interact with the world it has been created in? Would it need more of the same emotion it was created from to “power” itself up so it can manifest and interact with its environment?

If said manifestation could interact, and had some form of “intelligence” could it also be good or evil, is it capable of malicious intent? What is its length of life? Would it thrive on negative emotions if that is where it is “born” from?

I have posed many questions here. I am interested in You, the reader, answering with your thoughts and beliefs on the questions I have posted above. I believe the paranormal community needs to have more interaction between the different groups and discuss each others theories and techniques to improve our thinking, methods and techniques.

As per usual, I am open to receiving constructive criticism on this topic…feel free too repost this or link back too it, feel free to add your thoughts on the topic, questions, answers, ideas…

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