Lake House Art Centre – Solo overnighter session – Jan 19th 2024

Last night I did a solo overnighter session at the Lake House Art Centre, one of our ongoing research locations. This wasn’t the first overnight stay. The team has spent many nights experimenting and recording here thanks to the generous unlimited access that has been given by management.
We’ve been doing solo stays for many years in numerous locations, here and overseas. It can be quite beneficial.

Not only does it give you a different perspective to work with, but it’s also quite character-building. Facing a few fears head-on and coming out of your comfort zone. I’m always proud of team members who’ll put their hand up to do a solo session with our investigation work. It’s not always easy and at times can really test you.


I enjoy doing solo sessions. I find them rewarding. Though sometimes you just need to keep them simple. No other team members, minimal equipment, and no one knowing I’m there.
I want to avoid any possible contamination or distractions. No random whispering, coughing, farts, footsteps, sound, or movement from anyone but myself.
Just me, and the house. (and any mystery residents, of course)

Hey, if a spook arrives and wants to chat, I’m all ears! (and recording equipment!)
It was an unbelievably humid night and I was sweat-soaked from just setting things up.
A simple setup for this one. Just me, a few cameras and gadgets, and the building.
Brought along a couple of new gadgets that arrived this week too.

As I normally do in solo sessions, I journaled.

  • 8.00 pm – I’m here and the gear is unpacked. Base camp is our usual ”Hayes” room. I’ll sleep down here tonight. Close to power sources, toilets, and the kitchen. It’s lightly raining, but other than that it’s dead quiet out there. I’ve had a feed of Burger King, the sleeping area is made and I’m settled in. Bring it on!
  • 8.30 pm – I’m downstairs chilling on Facebook and avoiding moving. Too hot! A few random taps and bangs out in the downstairs hallway, but nothing following any sort of pattern. Possibly just building movement.
  • 8.45 pm – Loud bang upstairs. Not sure if it was on the roof or upstairs. Sounded muffled.
  • 9.15 pm – Hearing motorbikes and voices out on the main road.
  • 9.45 pm – A series of about 3 wooden creaks. Couldn’t tell if on the main stairwell of the floor below / the entrance. Did a little calling out just in case it was our little ”friend” who plays on the stairs.
  • 10.25 pm – Heard a ”thud thud thud” upstairs. 3 or 4 in a row. Muffled, but a definite pattern of thuds. Went up to look. Again tried calling out. No response.
  • 10.35 pm – Upstairs sitting in ”Patty’s” corner. Talking out loud and just chilling. Hearing creaks to my right on the stairwell. No one to be seen, of course. But it’s like someone is either walking up or down for a few steps. Possibly it’s the banister creaking and not the stairs. Not sure. Stops when I get up to look. Sat at the top of the stairs looking down for a bit. About 10 mins. No creaking.
  • 11 pm – Another 2 thuds are heard. This time from downstairs. Again muffled and dull. Hoping the camera mic pics these up. Windows rattled as the wind picked up for a moment. Doesn’t seem to be raining. A flash of white light is seen in the upstairs toilet. Corner of my eye stuff as I’m heading back downstairs. We’ve noted light flashes here before. Guest investigators have too. I think the team agreed that no car headlights can reach this area. Maybe someone’s torch outside shining in, but I heard nothing and no one was there when I checked.
  • 11.30 pm – I’m downstairs in ”Hayes” Room. Loud bang upstairs. Like something dropping or falling over. Go check. Can’t see anything. Maybe in one of the locked offices up there?
  • 12 pm Midnight – Getting really tired. It’s been a really hard day at work. Too humid to stay enthused. Will do a final walk-around to check on windows and doors and take a few more photos. Went outside on the verandah to enjoy the slightly cooler air for a few minutes.
  • 12.30 pm – Signing off.

Here are a few random pics.

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