Investigation: Cardrona Hotel – South Island. {Interview with the Hotel Manager}

In April 2021, Haunted Auckland Researcher Mark Wallbank headed down to the lower South Island to spend a night investigating the Cardrona Hotel, one of New Zealand’s oldest and most iconic hotels. Situated on the spectacular Crown Range Road, between Queenstown and Wanaka.

The Cardrona Hotel is also allegedly the home of a few spectral residents.

A woman, a young girl and ‘’Jimmy’’ James Patterson, a former owner.

This is an interview with the Hotel Manager, featuring assorted photos and footage showing the hotel on all its glory. Enjoy!


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  1. Sally Cheetham

    My daughter and her family have just returned from to Australia after staying at the Cardrona pub.
    They rented the property in the snow on the mountain above the actual pub.
    The husband woke up to see ‘a woman’ on top of him., although he couldn’t describe her.
    The 4 year old son asked his mum whilst in bed with her early in the morning ‘ why are there other people staying in our room?’ And when she said there wasn’t, he insisted he’d seen them but she didn’t want to push to ask who he’d seen
    Hope this is of interest to you, especially as it was yin the main building

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