11896897_10155969211335182_612081141_nOk, you asked for it! You’ve done the ghost hunts…worn the t-shirt, and followed our whacky adventures on the interwebs. Now you can add Haunted Auckland to your own personal paranormal library, with our brand new book, “Voices in the walls – Living the paranormal in New Zealand”, hot off the press and available via Amazon. It’ll be also going on Kindle soon too, for those with a paper phobia, and we’ve ordered a load of them, coming soon as well. So getting a copy will be super easy.

“Join New Zealand’s most active and recognised paranormal research team as they roam the dark, dank corridors of some of Aotearoa’s most allegedly haunted locations, and endevour to lift the veil and shed light onto the time old question, “do ghosts exist?” Beliefs, theories, science and scepticism; all are addressed. All lids are opened and many questions are asked, in the team’s life long search into the unknown. Plus they give an intimate insight into their lives, growing up, thoughts, opinions and personal experiences; joined by many other contributing fellow paranormal investigators from around the country and overseas. From theatres and hotels, to psychiatric hospitals and historical landmarks, to private home visits…. Haunted Auckland take you along for the ride with investigation reports, opinion pieces, articles and helpful ‘How to…’ tips, for anyone wanting to get involved with the paranormal research field.”

You can purchase it here via AMAZON