Glasgow Royal Infirmary – Glasgow, Scotland

The hospital was first built in 1794, when leeches were still seen as a legitimate way to treat illnesses. The hospital underwent major renovations at the beginning of the 1900s and then again in the 1970s. With centuries of both physical and mental suffering, as well as frequent remodelling, it is no surprise that there has been so much paranormal activity recorded at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The most infamous of the many ghosts at the hospital is that of The Grey Lady. Some extremely rational people, including respected doctors and nurses, have been unable to explain the things they have seen there. So she might not be the ramblings of some drug-addled patient.

Many doctors who have worked at the hospital have reported seeing a woman draped in grey travelling unaccompanied through the hospital corridors. Most who have seen the woman recall pursuing her, assuming she was a patient and being fearful of her attempting to escape the hospital. However, the story always ends in the same way; the woman disappears before she is captured and a scan of the rooms turns up no missing patients.

There’s also the stories coming from those that have witnessed the floating sister, who at first glance like a normal member of staff making her way around the hospital – that is until you look down and see that she is only visible from the knees up. A well-respected nurse who worked at the Royal Infirmary in the late 20th century spoke to the apparition as she passed before realising the bottom part of her legs were not visible.

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