Ghostly Image Caught on Camera

The York Street jail is nothing but a pile of rubble now, as crews cart away the remains of the 120 year old landmark. The last inmate was imprisoned there 16 years ago. But a snapshot may prove that at least one spirit never left.”The picture here on the left is the first picture I took,” explains Jim Boone a local historian, who says he may have a photo of a ghost. Boone says he was taking photographs of the jail in February and documenting the demolition, when he noticed something on his digital camera. “I took a picture and it was foggy on the viewfinder. I was afraid something was wrong with my camera. So I took another picture in the same location, and the second one was clear,” says Boone.But when Boone loaded his photos onto his computer, he realized his camera wasn’t broken. All his pictures came out crystal clear except for one, with a ghostly image. “It is very ghost-like looking to me, I don’t know whether I believe in ghosts or not, but if I did, I think that it was probably some kind of ghost or spirit,” said Boone. Full article here.

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