Flying Saucers and The Nine Pattern

As mentioned in my review of Flying Saucers from Outer Space (1953) by Donald E. Keyhoe, at a Pentagon press conference in 1952 General John Samford stated about UFOs “. . . there has been no pattern that reveals anything remotely like purpose or remotely like consistency that we can in any way associate with any menace to the United States.”  In previous blog articles about UFOlogy, I have mentioned details that show correlations among flying saucer cases.  These details involve what might be useful to call ‘The Nine Pattern.’

On June 26, 1947 newspaper articles announced from Pendleton, Oregon that “Nine, bright, saucer-like objects flying at ‘incredible’ speed at 10,000 feet altitude” had been seen two days earlier by Idaho pilot Kenneth Arnold, “who said he could not hazard a guess as to what they were.”

Keyhoe commented, “Unfortunately Arnold described the discs as ’saucer-like,’ and the ridiculous name was born.”  However, as testimonials and documentation continued, the relevance of the expression “flying saucers” with the mysterious flying objects became a familiar connotation.

In my article “The Early Days of Modern UFOlogy”, it was mentioned that “A System of Nines” was recognized in considering the construction of three landed flying saucers according to a lecturer later identified as Silas Mason Newton, who spoke on March 8, 1950 at the University of Denver and thus provided what Frank Scully had described as a “real inside story” in his book Behind the Flying Saucers (1950).  Today he would be described as a “whistleblower.”  Although some have assumed Newton to be a hoaxer, Scully’s book provided many precise details that present parallels with data to be found in UFOlogy case studies that occurred later.

He drew four designs on the blackboard.  One showed the “System of Nines,” believed to have been used in constructing the saucers. Two others showed two views of the saucer, which was 99.99 feet in diameter, 18 feet across the cabin and a clearance of 45 inches above the rim for pilots to see what might be around them.

Locations for two of the three landings where flying saucers had been “captured” were said to have been in the vicinity of Denver, Colorado and twelve miles from Aztec, New Mexico.  A correspondent of the Summerside Journal reported about the speaker:

He said the first disk that landed was 99.9 feet in diameter and had a cabin measuring 72 inches in height.  The second measured 72 feet in diameter, the third, 36 feet.  All measurements on the ships seemingly were divisible by nine, which may have been a clew that they used our system of development.

The disks, he explained had revolving rings of metal, in the center of which were the cabins.  The cabins were geared to the disks, which revolved around the stabilized cabins.  The gears, which had no lubrication, were of a gear ratio unfamiliar to our engineers.

Details were also given about bodies of men of small stature taken dead from the three crafts.

In construction, they were quite dissimilar to anything we have designed.  There was not a rivet, nor a bolt, nor a screw in any of the ships.  Their control boards were a series of push buttons.  Their outer construction was of a light metal much resembling aluminum but so hard no application of heat could break it down.

As he neared the end of his lecture he told of the discovery of a  fourth saucer which members of his group stumbled on near a government  proving ground.  It was unoccupied at that moment.

The  scientists returned to their car for cameras and equipment and as they  neared the ship they saw several little men hop into the saucer, and the  ship just disappeared like one of those hallucinations we hear so much  about.

Scully obtained a lecture transcript and reported further details.

From the outside the whole cabin of the first flying saucer examined seemed hermetically sealed and if it had not been for that break in one of the portholes the researchers might have spent months getting into the ship.  But from the inside there was a visible knob in the wall and on the knob was another smaller knob.  When the smallest knob was pushed the door flew open, but once it was shut again it was impossible to see the door from the outside.

. . . two men could raise up one end of the ship, it was that light.

These dimensions may be compared with information offered by flying saucer ‘contactee’ Truman Bethurum, the subject of previous articles including “The Letters from Aboard a Flying Saucer” that offered an example of ‘proof’ provided him by those from the planet  ‘Clarion’ who visited him in a flying saucer on eleven occasions.

During the eleventh of these visits, Bethurum in his book Aboard a Flying Saucer (1954) reported the data the captain, Aura Rhanes, had given to him about the Clarionites’ ’scow’ (spaceship).  Bethurum recalled that she told him: “The scow is a hundred yards across and six yards deep in the center . . . Now the thickness and weight should be no secret to you.  I think you have guessed it is twelve inches through, and weighs very little.  You remember, you once lifted it all by yourself . . . Our visionary windows are used in flight but are closely covered when we are on the ground.  They are something like a ship’s portholes, about a foot across, just three feet in circumference.”

Other significant testimonials about The Nine Pattern were previously mentioned in my article reviewing Arthur Shuttlewood’s UFOs — Key to the New Age.

Shuttlewood reported that on February 18 he was attending a dinner at the Old Bell Hotel when a short stroll resulted with another sighting of “the pyramid-carrying UFO.”  Then a portentous pattern emerged.

. . . Firstly, against a dark backcloth of blue, a silver circle appeared.  Then a distinct cross lighted up the centre of the globe.  From each terminal of the silver cross the figure ‘9′ flashed with terrific brilliance . . .

You will note that it is literally full, choc-a-bloc of nines!  Add any two numbers together and the answer is always the inescapable NINE.  For example, 360 and 180 total 540=9.  Or 270 with 225=495=18=9 . . . Follow the reckoning process?

. . . This did not surprise one particular friend of mine, who pointed out that no matter how much and by what quantities the figure nine is multiplied, the remaining or resulting digits will always tot up to nine.  You can multiply it by millions, billions or trillions—and always the inevitable NINE will be the final answer in the total.

The following was also mentioned in the “UFOS — Key to the New Age” article:

Andrija Puharich’s case study Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller (1974) begins with an account of Dr. D. G. Vinod going into a trance and a voice unlike his own saying “M calling: We are Nine Principles and Forces, personalities if you will, working in complete mutual implication.”  Other books dealing with Puharich and ‘The Nine’ are Memories of a Maverick (1998) by H. G. M. Hermans, Briefing For The Landing On Planet Earth (1977) by Stuart Holroyd, and The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space (1993) compiled by Phyllis V. Schlemmer & Palden Jenkins, who present observations compiled from Schlemmer’s many years as the channel/trance medium for the entities presented in this work as the ‘Council of Nine’ with the spokesbeing for the Nine known as ‘Tom.’  While both the Schlemmer and Holroyd books feature some of the same transcript material, Holroyd’s offers a biographical account of the sequence of events involving the key participants in the channeling sessions: Puharich, Schlemmer and John Whitmore.

One of Tom’s most repeated observations is that Earth is unique in all of the universe for upon this planet there is freedom of will.  A statement in the Schlemmer book attributed to Tom regards the possibility for atmospheric collapse as soon as 1998: “If the peoples upon your planet Earth do not come into sensibleness, they will eliminate themselves.”

Tom identifies the Council of Nine as “nine principles of the Universe that in collectivity are one.”

More information about The Nine was presented in the blog article Case study: Uri by Andrija Puharich.  The following transcript from Chapter Five of the book presents a December 9, 1971 conversation between Puharich and ‘The Nine’ in the presence of the entranced Uri Geller.

At 10:59 p.m. Uri was in hypnotic trance.

AP: “Please ask if I can use the tape recorder.”

Uri: “I am alone here.  There is no one to ask the question of.”  Then I heard a voice, not from Uri, for he was asleep.  The voice had no source.

Andrija, I have told Uri to come to me now.

AP: “May I use the tape recorder?”

If you do not want to lose the fourth cassette, you will not record. (The tape recorder was placed aside.)  Take this, Uri; hand it over to Andrija. (I opened Uri’s clenched left hand.  There was my missing earphone from my Sony ICR-100 radio in its leather case.  It had been translocated from wherever I had lost it weeks ago—most probably New York City.)

The voice in the room went on: You have done everything.  Do as Uri says.  How are you feeling?  How is your energy?

AP: “My energy is tops.  I feel as though I am in my twenties again.  May I ask some questions purely for my own needs?”

Yes, proceed.

AP: “Are you of the Nine Principles that once spoke through Dr. Vinod?”


AP: “Are you behind the UFO sightings that started in the United States when Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying saucers on June 24, 1947?”


AP: “When did you first notice me?” In 1946.

AP: “Why was I noticed?”

Our computers studied everyone on earth.  You were noticed for your abilities as the ideal and perfect man for this mission.

AP: “What is this mission?”

Do not ask.  It will be revealed.

During this conversation, the final comment of the communicating intelligences was:

We can command any communication system man has devised to reach you.  Be alert.  We will use your tape, phone, radio, television, telegram, letters, computers, and so on.  Farewell.

Puharich’s and Geller’s life choices can only have influenced the communications that followed, with some ideas expressed by metaphors and symbols as is often noticeable in cases of transcendental communication.  During one incident, Puharich reported: “On my desk blotter pad nine pens appeared and formed into this pattern:”

After a phenomenal audible voice message commenting to Puharich and Geller about “human weakness” and a series of other paranormal manifestations, Puharich reported: “As we approached the desk, right in front of our eyes the nine pens flipped simultaneously in the air and settled down into a new pattern as follows (though I did not understand the symbolism or meaning of the configuration):”

Here is one of the quotations of the transcendental communications from Appendix One of Uri sharing “the philosophy of the Nine.”

Remember, all this is real guidance from God.  God is nobody else than we together, the Nine Principles of God. We accept the thesis that we are here and that we want these things done, we can do them through you.  You have also to struggle—we have also to struggle.  Supposing all healthy biologic events surround the birth of a child; it will take nine months and it will take mating.  The greatest of men were not born in an instant.  All the birth pangs that any other mother would undergo, their mother had to undergo, too. What you are doing is just the right thing.  Struggling a little, getting creative imagination into exertion, awaiting a certain little point for guidance. In our scheme, we also go on experimenting.  We have to experiment in a sense that we never force any will that we get.  The wills of humans have to lend themselves; in that lies their growth and maturation.  We go to the limit of persuasion but there we have to stop.  Our persuasion is quite often very effective, but we must notice the limit; if it is resistive, we just leave it alone. We don’t force in our scheme of things.  These forces—principles and personalities—we have to get them into direct service to mankind.  We appreciate the desire in you to catalyze this power for serving the man.

The Appendix One transcript also provided commentary about ‘The Law of Seven.’

If the velocity of light is approached to ninety-nine per cent, the increase in the mass is in the range of seven.  This is one of the physical proofs of why we want sevens.  Perhaps you have not noticed this before. AP: “No, I haven’t.” That is partly an inference from Einsteinian analysis light velocity.  Even there this seven range—it is not exactly seven, but it is in the range of seven; it does not go beyond eight.  It doesn’t go beyond six, but it hits around seven and such microscopic aspects of velocity.  If seven can be so perfectly determined, you will notice why the seven has been detected even in the physical as well as psychospiritual dimensions.  The acceptance of the Law of Seven. Now that’s a clue which will keep you absolutely convinced and you will not ask me again what is the rationale of seven.  If we tell you that it is the occult number and the seven chords of being as known in ancient occult literature, you will continue to have a veil of suspicion.  But now that the increment in the mass is exactly to the range of seven by an approximation of ninety-nine per cent to the velocity of light, that is a kind of indicator how mass is related to high velocity.  Related in this way, that it achieves an increment of seven—achieves an increment to seven, not of seven.  Beyond ninety-nine percent we cannot go because it becomes infinitization, as you know.

In the epilogue of Uri, Puharich concluded:

I want to make it clear that I have as of this writing never met a being from the Nine, Spectra, Hoova, Rhombus 4D, or others of this genre, in a face-to-face sense.  My meetings have been only through the message systems I have described.  Furthermore, I have not been inside one of their craft.  While I do not doubt that superior beings exist out there, I do not know what they look like, how they live, or even what their goals are with respect to humankind.  Considering that I have had two years of intermittent experience, I am remarkably ignorant about these beings.  On the other hand I have complete faith in their wisdom and benevolent intentions toward man and living things on earth.

As last year was one of transition in relation to the Mayan Long Count Calendar, many researchers mentioned in their writings the “Bolon Yokte’ K’uh” with “Nine Support Gods.”

Charles Gallenkamp wrote in Maya: The Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilization (Third Revised Edition 1985):

Unquestionably the outstanding achievement of Maya calendrics was the Long Count—also called the Initial Series.  Generally considered to be the most accurate calendar ever devised in the ancient world, it was surprisingly complex in structure and consisted of recurring cycles of nine interrelated periods, which made it possible to keep track of enormous time spans in somewhat the same way as we compute months, decades, centuries, and millennia.

Another notable feature of Maya mathematics was the principle of the zero.

Whether the zero’s invention in Mesoamerica can be attributed to Olmec or Maya ingenuity is closely tied to the uncertainty surrounding the origin of the calendar and hieroglyphic writing.

The uncertainties about the Mayan civilization encompass Lord Pakal’s sarcophagus lid.

Throughout the  annals of events that at the present time are often considered categorically as  ‘paranormal phenomena,’ patterns that may be discerned in each  particular case make possible metaphysical insights.

As with the case of ‘The Nine,’ often in transcendental communication cases, the communicating entity identifies himself/herself/themselves through using the pronoun ‘we.’  Something that trance mediumship/channeling cases have in common with so-called ‘talking poltergeist’ and ‘Direct Voice’ mediumship cases is that a succession of different entities may be heard to speak.  Understanding the intermediary Force that may be distinguished through this aspect of nature is a key to comprehending the omnipresent ‘Christ Spirit’ or what one might alternately articulate as humanity’s shared subconscious or ‘Superconscious’ Mind or—considering this Cosmic Entity’s association with the Source of all creation or the popular expression ‘God’—’Oneness.’

I mentioned in a previous article John Dee’s quotation of angel Michael from his journals recording interactions with “spiritual creatures” and “good angels.”  This book is now known as Quinti Libri Mysteriorum (Five Books of Mystery)

Write with reverence, These mysteries are wonderful, the Number of his name, and knowledge: Lo, this it is, 9.  Behold, it is but one, and it is Marvelous.

Previous articles concerning another significant pattern—the ‘Michael’ pattern—includes “Messages from Michael” and “A Meditation on Christ Consciousness from the Edgar Cayce Channeled Reading Transcripts”.

Parallels with “the occult number seven” can be found in Quinti Libri Mysteriorum and in the writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

In Behind the Flying Saucers Frank Scully identified a publication that suggested there had been landings of “ether ships of the disk type”: the Borderland Sciences Research Associates of San Diego, California was the publisher of the mimeographed booklet The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution: Flying Discs (1950) by Meade Layne with contributions by other BSRA associates.

Scully commented about the BSRA authors:

Together they hadn’t the slightest doubt about the presence of flying saucers in our atmosphere, nor the likelihood that some have landed, crewed by little men.

They called them ether ships, and claim they were manned by Etherians.  Since BSRA opened its doors to metaphysicians, theosophists, mediums, trances, and students of the occult, it is a little difficult to reduce their far-flung beliefs to the confines of a book as small as this.

“The basic statements,” one bulletin reported, “concerning etheric origin of ether craft came to us from the ‘other side.’  They were first made in the fall of 1946 by the trance controls of the medium, Mark Probert, during a sitting held in the city of San Diego.”

In The Ethership Mystery and Its Solution Layne says: “In spite of a policy and an unofficial censorship, it is widely believed by this time that a number of ether ships of the disk type have landed in the United States, through accident of some kind.  We have no reports that any of the ‘dwarf’ occupants survived the landing, and we are told that the propulsion and control of these craft is very much a puzzle to scientists who have inspected them.  They are said to be without motors, propellers, or anything recognizable as a drive mechanism.  This suggests, of course, some kind of magnetic propulsion.  And the performance of these craft, their extraordinary speed, power and maneuverability far outclasses anything our own engineers have been able to achieve.”

Scully mentioned that ‘Etheria’ was hypothesized to be “one of the seven planes between this earth and the next planet” and that Borderland associate Edward Schultz was a “believer in the theory that this is a septenary universe and that everything goes by sevens.  (We now have 52’s, 9’s and 7’s as secrets of the universe.)”

Meade Layne published the first edition of The Coming of the Guardians: An Interpretation of the “Flying Saucers” as Given from the Other Side of Life in 1954.  One of Mark Probert’s ‘controls,’ Ramon Natalli, was quoted:

“The universe swarms with life of many kinds.  Some planets have inhabitants much like yourselves, but on others they differ much in size, weight, density, and other characteristics.  There are giants and pigmies and all sizes between.  Among your sky visitors there are some who come from planets and others who come from space.  (By ’space’ the communicator does not mean vacuity, but rather the enormously dense ethers which equate with space.)”

As I mentioned in the article “Beyond The White Sands Incident”, Daniel Fry’s second contact experience was very different from his first, where he went aboard a flying saucer.

Fry had given up the thought that he would hear any more of Alan when the long-anticipated event occurred.  It was a Tuesday after his evening meal.  “I suddenly remembered that I had neglected to switch off the power to the main instrument panel . . . Before I had reached the instrument room, my attention was drawn to a dim glow that seemed to hover just above the top of the test stand . . . As I walked quickly toward it, a sudden suspicion entered my mind, and was confirmed almost immediately when Alan’s voice came to me as though he were standing at my side.”  Fry recalled the words spoken by Alan —

“Yes, Dan, it’s ours . . .

“Incidentally, you can quit worrying about your instrument panel.  You did turn it off this afternoon, but we had to persuade you to come out here for a talk without mentioning it to anyone else.

During the conversation that followed, Alan explained to Fry what he could expect if he decided to assist them.

“It is a free choice on your part, and there is no penalty for refusal.  If you do not wish to assist us, you will be permitted to return to your quarters at once.  All memory of this meeting and the previous one will be erased from your mind, but everything else will be the same.  You will be no worse off than before we came.”

“The only reward we can promise you is the inward satisfaction of having assisted in the survival of your race, and the acquisition of considerable knowledge and understanding that you would not otherwise be able to gain.”

This July 6 UK crop circle ( 2013 Gallery photo) showed nine concentric rings.

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