Fairy folk tales of the Maori – Book by James Cowan

Loving this old gem I dug out of an old South Island second hand bookstore while on a recent roadtrip. I’ve always been fascinated in Maori folklore and handed down true – life histories; especially when it involves mysterious creatures and ghosts.

This book, written by the then Wellington based historian, James Cowan satisfies my spooks and cryptids obsession perfectly. From the debatedly mythical pale skined forest dwellers, the Patu-paiarehe, (or Turehu) to the equally debated existent Maero and Moehau tribes. A collection of similar elusive wild folk, to various lake monsters and land walking dragons, cave creatures, spirit entities and other intriguing stories handed down through the generations, but real and life changing to those that experienced them first hand.

My treasured copy is the third edition. A bit tatty and well worn but its up there as one of my favourite books so far read. A true ”gold nugget” in my book collection.

Published by Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd, 1939.



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