David Icke Australia & NZ Tour September – November 2011.

Writer, philosopher, spoken word performer, personality, theorist, free thinker, entertainer and above all else, truth seeker.
The quality work of David Icke has been progressing in both diversity and popularity at stealth speed. If you are a long time Fan/reader or follower of David Icke you would know that he has produced thousands of hours of research in the form of videos, interviews, books, documentaries, right through to the finest details of his on stage LIVE presentations.

His shows/speeches are presented with the up most clarity, direction and structure. You could expect to sit anywhere from 2 to 3 hours (he will be speaking for 7 hours per event), while David Icke interactively draws the crowd in shedding light on topics with extensive ideas towards the challenges and circumstances of our world today.

David will be focusing heavily on his new book and will also include content specific to Australia and New Zealand.
Join David Icke as he shares his new insights into the agenda of the global situation and the solutions we need in order to reach our true potential on this planet.
Speaking to a packed audience in Melbourne in 2009, the event was considered a huge success and inspired hundreds of truth seekers in Australia to start moving towards a peaceful evolution of non-compliance.

It is with great pleasure that we announce David’s tour to Australia and New Zealand, however also his potentially last tour of Australia & New Zealand due to health reasons. Please help us spread the news of these events as FAR and WIDE as possible.

Perth (Sept 17th) Venue: The Octagon Theatre
Queensland (Sept 24th) Gold Coast Convention Centre
Sydney (Oct 22nd) Venue: TBA
Melbourne (Oct 8th) Venue: The Astor Theatre
New Zealand (Nov 6th)  Venue: TBA
Tickets: Tickets Are Not Available At This Time.
(venue still being organised)

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