Cryptozoologist Scott Mardis passes

Very sad waking to the news that a good friend and valued Crypto-researcher has passed away.

Respected aquatic cryptid researcher Scott Mardis passed away suddenly of an infection yesterday.

He was such a great and knowledgeable guy. Selfless and without ego. He called things as he saw them and let the research findings lead the way. His research approach was honest and with much focus. He loved the little details. His work on lake creatures such as Lake Champlain’s ‘’Champ’’, ‘’Nessie’’ the Loch Ness Monster, Canada’s ‘’Ogopogo’’ and others, is extensive and untiring.

We chatted weekly about recent findings and the things he was doing. Things he was planning, as well as the ‘’dream’’ things he’d love to plan, if he had the time and finances.

Sometimes he’d see me online and just ask how my week had been.

Scott had much praise and respect for our Paranormal and Crypto- based work over here and even sent me a reference quote to go in our website’s testimonials page. He had dreams of heading over here one day to investigate some of our own mysterious lake creatures. This was fuelled by his keen interest in the famous ‘’Zuiyo-Maru Monster’’, caught by the Japanese fishing trawler Zuiyō Maru off the coast of New Zealand in 1977. The carcass’s peculiar appearance led to speculation that it might be the remains of a sea serpent or prehistoric plesiosaur, though many put it down to being just a decaying Basking Shark.

We had the hopes of meeting up in a year or two when I’m planning on getting back over his way.

Rest in peace, my friend. You have been an inspiration.

Scott’s You Tube channel

Our ‘’Outside the Box’’ chat

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