Cathedral House Hotel – Glasgow, Scotland

Was pleased to gain some much appreciated ‘behind the scenes’ access to explore one of Glasgow’s more (apparently) active hotels.

Cathedral House Hotel is a beautiful Victorian building on Glasgow’s Cathedral Square to the east of the city centre and is nestled close to Glasgow Necropolis.

The building was built in 1877 and was used for many years as a hostel or rehabilitation centre for female prisoners released from nearby the Duke Street Prison. As well as plush accommodation for visitors and a popular wedding location, the hotel is well known for its hauntings. A number of alleged ghosts have been spotted within Cathedral House Hotel.

Many ghostly sightings have been reported – including phantom children regularly heard giggling on the top floor when no one is there, as well as a figure which passes and brushes up against guests on the stairwell. This one, the most commonly seen apparition, appears to both guests and staff.

It’s a favourite spot for paranormal investigation teams who have reported light anomalies. During an investigation, a chair was seen to move on its own and mysterious voices were recorded.

A huge thank you to John the Manager for being so welcoming and allowing me time to wander and check the place out. – Mark


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