The Brazen Head Pub – Dublin, Ireland

I visited Ireland’s oldest pub yesterday. Great place with a resident spook or two, apparently. Old, but having a very lively and upbeat atmosphere. The menu looked yum too!

The ghost of failed revolutionary Robert Emmet is said to haunt The Brazen Head, near the river Liffey.

I’ve read that it’s Dublin’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198 though others might disagree on that staus. Some say Dublin, some say Ireland. The pub has played host to many failed revolutions and revolutionaries. Emmet straddled life and death near this pub, having planned the 1803 rebellion there over some beers, and eventually meeting his demise only metres away at the top of the hill at the site of his execution.

Emmet was hung and then beheaded, with his blood running down the streets towards his old drinking spot.

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