Big Feet Musing

I was sitting here doing some thinking, please note jokes about seeing the smoke rising I get enough of that from my family, and it occurred to me why the many varied types of Sasquatch, Bigfoot or whatever you want to call the big guy may act more communally than we originally thought.

I have often heard mentioned that there have been no bodies found, no gunshot victims after shooting lying there wounded and generally the creatures are only seen and very small numbers, sometimes between one and three individuals.

As like a lot of communal animals these creatures post guards which remain unseen and quite probably keep an eye on the group. These would generally be larger males forming an outer parameter but remaining within sight as a lot of Baboon groups do, getting an eye over feeding females and in younger members of the group.

Should anything go wrong it may be up to them to remove any casualties and dead bodies.

Often when people have encountered Bigfoot quite often noticed and photographs afterwards that they seem to be a lot more animals hiding in the general vicinity.

The reason we do not find individual bodies is I don’t believe these creatures move about by themselves but are always accompanied by others.

Perhaps who knows the creatures that we actually see are a distraction allowing others to get away? After all the philosophy may be it is better to sacrifice one individual then the whole group.

Vocalisations, tree knocking and the leaving of markers seem to indicate that these are very social creatures.

The strong smell often encountered with these creatures may be a means of notify us of the kind of exactly where they are, as well as un-nerving more threatening creatures encountered.

Such a defence would serve no purpose to a predatory animal as the prey would be able to smell them and they would lose the kill.

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