Keith Basterfield

Keith Basterfield

Keith first became interested in the UFO phenomenon in 1967, when there was a wave of UFO sightings in the United Kingdom, where he lived. Moving to Adelaide, South Australia, in 1968 he joined a local UFO group. From there he became involved at the local, national, and international level for the next 45 years.

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Keith’s research on aspects of the phenomena, ranging from orange lights in the sky, to the after effects of UFO abductions, has been published in such places as:

  • the  former APRO Bulletin
  • the MUFON UFO Journal
  • Magonia
  • the former International UFO Reporter
  • the Journal of UFO Studies
  • the prestigious psychology journal Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

As well as numerous Australian and European UFO journals. Keith’s first book appeared in 1981 with a revised edition in 1997 titled “UFOs: A Report on Australian Encounters.”

UFOs: a report on Australian encounters

His published work has featured:

  • in-depth case studies
  • catalogues of various classes of events
  • and discussion on the causes of the UFO phenomenon.

Keith has lectured in South Australia; nationally in a variety of locations, and also in the US. He has facilitated workshops and networking meetings; guided research teams and undertaken major investigations.

His research interests have included:

  • paranormal aspects of the UFO phenomenon
  • personality aspects of Australian abductees
  • the implant motif in UFO abductions
  • abductees’ belief in and experiences of the paranormal
  • the possible involvement of sleep paralysis in the UFO phenomenon.

Between 2003 and 2008 he led a major effort, Disclosure Australia, to locate, examine and analyse the UFO file holdings of the Australian Government. This has resulted in thousands of pages of documentation which may now be read by anyone, held in digitised form by the National Archives of Australia.

In recent years, Keith has been conducting “cold case” analyses of classic Australian UFO cases. His findings on these, as well as many other topics, may be read at his Internet blog

Keith Basterfield also operates and contributes to the following websites:

UFOs – Scientific Research