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Born in Monroe, Wisconsin, in 1954. James Penniston was raised in the mid-west. After graduation from High School. James entered the Air Force in 1973 and was immediately chosen for special duty with the SAC Elite Guard in Omaha Nebraska, where he worked security for the SAC Command Post, General Officers, Congressmen and the President of the United States. James volunteered for re-assignment in 1975 to RAF Alconbury England where he work flight operations.

He was then reassigned in 1977 to Malmstrom A.F.B. Montana, as a Flight Security Controller for the protection and launch readiness of twenty Minuteman ICBM’s, In June 1980, James received orders to the infamous 81st Tactical Fighter Wing at RAF Bentwaters England, then the largest tactical fighter wing in the Air Force.

While there, James work flight operations till the incident and then was promoted to the position of Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of Security Police Plans and Programs. James completed his tour and left RAF Bentwaters in 1984.

He arrived at Ellsworth A.F.B. South Dakota and worked in Group Pass and Registration. Later that year he assumed the position of NCOIC of Security Police Group Plans and Programs at Ellsworth A.F.B., South Dakota.

After three years, James was then assigned to Bitburg AB, Federal Republic of Germany in 1987, where he worked flight operations, and NCOIC of Security Police Resource Management. He remained assigned to Bitburg while serving in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After the Gulf War, James was re-assigned to Grissom A.F.B., Indiana working flight operations, till his retirement from the Air Force in November 1993.

James also had twenty-three temporary duty assignments while in, which encompassed the entire globe, at various times during his tenure in the Air Force.

After retirement he has worked as a Human Resource Manager for manufacturing and county government in Illinois.

James graduated from college in 2003, with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

James has been active in the Rendlesham Forest Investigation from the onset. He and his fellow witnesses have pursued the seeking of the truth from then to present day. He has worked and appeared for the following television and production companies during that pursuit:

London Weekend Television, BBC 3, BBC 2, Sci Fi Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel, ABC Television, History Channel, Tokyo Broadcasting Television Japan, ABC Television Australia, Tower Productions, Mentorn Productions, MPH Entertainment, FOX Productions, Prometheus Pictures and many other television and radio programs.