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I have been into the Paranormal my entire life. I was a sensitive child who grew up terrified of relatively everything. I am an Empath. At the age of 8, I developed a sleep disorder called “Sleep paralysis”. I woke up all the time, paralyzed. with a grey figure at the end of my bed staring at me.

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Anna HillAs I got older I became fanatical about everything paranormal, especially ghosts. After researching a little about Paranormal Investigations, I decided I wanted to be a paranormal investigator. I’ve worked with many people in the field, and while I respect everyone who has taught me and helped me get started, I had my own ideals of how I would like my team to be.

I started Angels of Light Paranormal Society, out of Marysville, CA. I really enjoy doing residential based investigations. Growing up a terrified child, I felt I wanted to make that the basis of my own investigations: helping people to understand what was happening to them.

Not having anyone to talk to about whats happening to you on the paranormal level, is one of the lonliest feelings in the world. “Do they think I’m crazy? Will I lose friends? Will it hurt me?” I can’t think of anything much worse than when your life is being violated by something you don’t understand.

While its rewarding to find something we feel is concrete to prove a haunting, its equally rewarding to put someone’s mind at ease when there’s a low lying branch on their home that’s caused the nighttime “foot steps” through their house, or that high EMF from a fridge is the reason why they feel they are being watched as they fall asleep. Being on this team isn’t always “finding the ghost”. I think an investigator should work with the same integrity as they would for a job that they love. I think its extremely to be honest and diligent.

Having an open mind is particularly important. This doesn’t just mean being open minded to the paranormal, but to other ideals and theories – by believers and skeptics. I think being a bit skeptical is key to doing this.

Critical thinking keeps us from falling into the tunnel vision mode of only seeing the paranormal in every occurrence we come across. We owe it to our clients to be an honest problem solver. We don’t want to add to the problem at hand. I have been in the nursing field for over a decade now. I also have emergency technician training. I think this has helped me in being a decent investigator.

I always resort back to doing algorithms in my head. “Is this happening? then check this: ok now eliminate that”.

Helping people is a way of life for me. My family and I are very involved with the MMA circuit of California. I have been an MMA fan since I was a kid. I love history. The historical aspect to this is just as important to me as the paranormal side.

I am a huge music lover, and I have a completely diverse taste. I also enjoy painting, photography art, and of course my fur babies! I am a vegetarian and animal advocate.


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