Anita Brown

Anita BrownAnita Brown has been researching the paranormal for many years, experiencing it for as long as she can remember, and investigating it since November 2007.

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Being from Ohio, I have dealt with many cases surrounding the Underground Railroad and the Civil War. I also have a specialized focus in researching religion, the occult, and symbolism in general.

I believe in using scientific methods to investigate, and always searching for an alternative explanation for everything that we find. I believe in spirit activity, the existence of extraterrestrials, and that Bigfoot is walking around somewhere.

I also believe that orbs are dust, EMF sensitivity exists, there are natural astronomical events that look funny from here, and guys in furry suits walking around somewhere. Most importantly, I believe in both the power of faith and the power of knowledge, and that one cannot prevail over the other.

Anita Brown works with Sector Curious Radio, led by founder Zain Arcane, a regular show that seeks to gather evidence and gain further clarity about issues ranging from The Afterlife, Alternative Lifestyles, Time Slips, Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Shadow People, Aliens, UFO’s, Urban Legends, Big Foot, The Jersey Devil, The Bermuda Triangle, paranormal activity, and higher levels of Awareness.

Anita also writes for as well as a few other sites around the internet.