Jess McPhail

Jess McPhailI have had a passion for the paranormal since before I can remember, in fact all things “out of the norm” of conventional science. There has always been an awareness for me that there is more out there than what is commonly accepted.

I had a few experiences as a teenager that really made me stop and think “what was that?” and I wish I had the forethought that I have now to try to collect evidence. 10431482_868932563116736_7999158327849317766_nFor me what I want more than anything is to find irrefutable proof.

I want photos, EVPs or anything really that make you stop and think, “wow”.

I will be taking a very open-minded approach to my investigations but will be focussing on eliminating events as evidence more than trying to “make” evidence. The history of buildings and places are also of huge interest to me, I like knowing what has happened there before.

I am a solo mum of two young energetic boys and a lot of my time is spent spending time with them. I work in telecommunications as a provisioning specialist. When I have “me time” I am into, of course, the paranormal, the newest tech gadgets, music of any kind and a good fiction book.