Unusual sudden battery drainage of all equipment during investigation – Thoughts?

Hi all,
This is a question aimed more at other researchers / investigators and teams etc, because I know they’ll definitely relate to this, but also, I’m interested in the opinions of others.

A reoccurring event that seems to happen at many paranormal investigations, is battery drain.
Cameras, torches and anything in your arsenal; powered by batteries, suddenly goes dead when pulled out for use during an investigation.

My team have experienced this annoying and expensive activity many times through the years. Possibly at nearly every investigation we’ve done. Be they chargeable batteries or replaceable batteries, they all seem to suddenly, or very quickly go flat.

Now, one of the theories surrounding ghosts and spirits is that they are made of energy and absorb or draw in outside energy to manifest or make them stronger.
Whether this is a fact or not, I have no idea. Nobody knows the facts and it’s all currently just theory and opinion.
When our batteries go flat, many of us will automatically blame the alleged ghost that haunts that location. I know I have in the past; though my accusations are mostly just sarcasm for giggles. However, I am truly curious as to why this happens.
Google hasn’t really been much help in finding anything that fits my ongoing concerns…and well, ask a sceptic and you get something smug and vague or swept-aside, like, ”Buy better batteries”, or ”It’s obviously just a malfunction in your equipment”. Batteries aren’t cheap, so I’m wanting answers. It only ever happens during investigations and never outside of those times; so, what is it about investigations that drains batteries so quickly?

Another question, and I know many fellow investigators would have experienced this often as well. You start an investigation full of energy, enthusiasm and positivity, yet, within say 30 minutes in, you’re feeling tired, lethargic and maybe even a bit moody or emotional. I know I’m not the only one here that has experienced this.

To add yet another questioning thought. Hypothetically, can ghosts (whatever they might be) drain our own bodily energy from us as well? Many have said they do, but DO THEY?
….and last question revolves around something that happened to me and my equipment in the weekend.

I brought along a small sealable Tupperware container full of brand new spare Double and Triple ”A” batteries to use on a solo overnight investigation in the weekend. Also noteworthy; my phone, video camera, Go-Pro, EMF / Mel Meter and still camera were all fully charged and ready to go as I entered the house.
All my gear went flat within the first 10 minutes of entering the house. So, I pulled out my Tupperware box to replace with new batteries. The first lot were dead.
Second try, dead.
Third attempt DEAD. ALL the spare batteries in the container had been drained before usage.

I only had enough battery power to do less than about 15 mins filming and photography, in total.
To add to this; I became overwhelmed with tiredness.
I became frustrated and edgy (I put that down to being annoyed about the waste of batteries).
I sat on a dust covered bed to gather my thoughts and think about what I should do next.

Have I mentioned that this house was the scene of a murder / suicide?

At that moment a swirling breeze whipped up the stairs and around the room I sat in. I couldn’t see it, but I could certainly feel it. Silent and icy cold.
I put it down to it being just a draft coming from outside and through a downstairs door. Thinking about it afterwards, my explanation didn’t really fit the scenario, building layout and how cold it felt.

I spent about two hours sitting in the dark in that house, before retiring to my other ”haunted” location for the night. A house right next door that is considered very active by those currently renting it. Refusing to sleep in it and hoping that I’d be able to find some answers for the unsettling things they were experiencing there.

I got to sleep very quickly, as I was feeling unusually exhausted. I awoke a couple of times during the morning. Once at just 3.10am and another at 5.50am, before getting up at 7.45am to start packing up and heading home.
I felt tired all Sunday and today, (being a Monday) I struggled for the first half to pull myself together to do anything physical. I feel completely fine now though, thanks to a few coffees and energy drinks, but thought it was odd that I became so tired and lacking in energy from the time I entered that house, till today. (prior to that I was ‘’full of beans’’ and rearing to go and enjoying the adventure)

I don’t want to read too much into it, but it does seem odd when holding it up to the theories surrounding energy drainage and paranormal investigating.

FYI….With the video and still cameras and also the Go Pro, I never take the battery off and plug the camera directly to the charger. I use Li-ion 7.2v batteries for the video camera, my Sony still camera uses Sony brand Lithium ion 3.6v rechargeable batteries that I charge in the camera. The Go-Pro uses Li-ion 3.7v rechargeables too, that I charge while in the camera. Mel meter has a 9 volt disposable and the torch and illuminators use Energizer, Varta, Eveready Super Heavy Duty brand AAs and AAAs.

My questions to you all, are for all I have listed above.
Please educate me, for I have very few answers.
Thanks in advance – Mark


To follow up on the battery drainage incident on Saturday night, I wanted to retest my equipment to see if I can replicate the occurrence at home.
Using the same charger plugs, USB cables, 6-point power adapter and Energizer batteries from the same batch I recharged the equipment I was using on Saturday night. All USB plug-charged items were showing a full charge on the display. I have had them all running for over an hour now. The video camera is recording, the torch and illuminator are on and are nice and bright. (Note: I have turned the dimmer down on the illuminator as it was just too bright, but it should still be fine for this experiment) the EMF meter and my phone are also with full charge and are turned on. My phone is recording video.
After over an hour there is no sign of power running out. No torch dimming or flickering. Everything is working as it should.


  1. Lion

    Hi, did U go there by 1 person? Here are many kinds of ghost in the world, Some of them eat the energy from people by letting people have inexplicable sexual desire. Some evil spirit can also “fly” into “heart” and make people suddenly feel excited or angry or strange happy or some extreme emotion.

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