The Essential Guide to Bigfoot – by Ken Gerhard

If you’re interested in cryptids; especially the forest dwelling 8-10ft hairy bipedal types, then you need to get this book.
The Essential Guide to Bigfoot, written by me ol’ Texan mate, Ken Gerhard (Cryptozoologist).

It was definitely a ‘don’t stop till you reach the last page’ kind of read for me!

It covers pretty much all areas and angles (except maybe the more fringey woo and new-agey ideas out there…..good!) No filler-fluff and brim packed with history, facts, stats, specs, references and real-world information garnered from many years of out in the field research.
Clocking in at 246 pages it covers so much ground, it truly does live up to its title as an ”essential”guide. I have a lot of books in my library about Bigfoot and this one is destined for the top shelf. Love it. Signed by the man himself too! – Mark

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