The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake

Flipping back and forth through both of these chunky books in a multi-tasking fashion today. I like to absorb random alternating snippets from all angles and thought processes to try and make up my own mind on matters considered paranormal. The two are similar, but different in their approach. One is a bit too stubborn and fixed (even arrogant) in it’s stance, whilst the other offers options and gives room for thought and personal debate; which is important in this field of research. If set too rigid and “blinkered” the information and learning process becomes one sided and almost generic. Important elements can often be overlooked or ignored. I’ve always liked Rupert Sheldrake’s approach to all this. I recommend The Science Delusion to both sceptics and “believers” alike.
The Skeptics Guide to the Universe; well, the skeptics will like it. – Mark

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