St Stephens House – 9 St Stephens Avenue & 1A Brighton Road, Parnell [To be Demolished]

One of the misconceptions in the research that we do, is that we can gain special access to any building we desire. If there are reports of possible paranormal activity, or a house is of historical value, then Haunted Auckland can automatically gain ‘red carpet’ access to investigate and document. This just isn’t the case.… Continue reading St Stephens House – 9 St Stephens Avenue & 1A Brighton Road, Parnell [To be Demolished]

Here lies Janie Seddon – Motueka

The derelict rusted remains of the once proud Steamer Janie Seddon sits off the Motueka foreshore and has been a feature of the local seascape for years. She was the first fishing boat purchased by the Talley’s fishing group, but also served the New Zealand government as a military vessel and is the last surviving… Continue reading Here lies Janie Seddon – Motueka

Lonely Homestead – South Auckland

This lonely old historic homestead sits derelict, graffitied and burnt out in a small grassy reserve setting on a busy roundabout road in Auckland’s Mangere. It was bought up by the Council for possible development a few years ago, yet still nothing has happened since except further degradation. Here’s hoping this beautiful old homestead gets the… Continue reading Lonely Homestead – South Auckland

Back to Nature – Bombay Hills

Almost drove past this old thing. I spotted a glint of reflecting light off a window; pretty much the only thing visible from the road. This derelict old farm house has been completely engulfed by the surrounding folliage. Still, had to stop and say Hello…..Im guessing it doesn’t get many visitors these days.

Christchurch Cathedral – June 2017

Christchurch Cathedral was built between 1864 and 1904.   It was once an icon of the city of Christchurch and stood proudly in the centre of the bustling and popular Cathedral Square.   The building stands today as a devastated, unkempt unofficial monument of the horrifically devastating earthquake of February 2011.   The Anglican Church de-consecrated the cathedral… Continue reading Christchurch Cathedral – June 2017

Lake Alice Hospital – Manawatu

Lake Alice Hospital was once a rural psychiatric facility situated in the Manawatu region, catering to the full mental health spectrum, from troubled youth and the criminally insane to the elderly with dementia. The sprawling complex, opened in August 1950, spread out across 56 hectares of land consisting of ten two-level villas, each with eleven… Continue reading Lake Alice Hospital – Manawatu

Mill Road Church – Whakatane

Whilst travelling through the Bay of Plenty during the Christmas holidays, Haunted Auckland team member Barbara came across this old beauty. A derelict church on Mill Road in Whakatane, which looks to be in the beginnings of some future reconstruction. The land is listed on some documents as the Pupuaruhe Church and Urupā (cemetery) and is… Continue reading Mill Road Church – Whakatane