My Paranormal Reality

Photo by James Gilberd

Some investigations end up being non-events.

Sometimes we pack up and leave a location having experienced nothing: photographing nothing out of the ordinary, recording nothing of any paranormal worth on our recorders, hearing, seeing and feeling absolutely nothing. Nothing.

Yet the stories we have been hearing about the location, leading up to the event itself are numerous, detailed and seemingly regular, continual and virtually like clockwork! That, my friends, is the nature of this field.

Ghosts, if I may call them that, never come out to play on cue. They don’t seem to have much of a timetable or appearance schedule system. One might even begin to think they are toying with us! Who knows?

The reality in all this is, however, that the occurrences are random, sporadic and annoyingly elusive in nature. Yes, it can be frustrating. Bloody annoying, if I’m being blunt! But, like a lottery, you’ve got to be in to win. So that’s what we do. We attend callouts and visit locations. We sit, we log data, and we experiment.

We try to communicate, we gauge and monitor atmospheric levels. We record, film, photograph, analyse, test theories and ideas. We sit and wait… wait… wait… Until that one singular moment occurs. That one moment out of ten or so sessions, that finally manages to further confirm a few ideas and cement a few as being valid. This is when it feels like it’s worth it. To me, anyway.

I continue to be semi-sceptical about all this, but then things happen. Things I can’t dismiss or deny. Things I saw, or heard or felt with my own self. Things that don’t make sense or shouldn’t really be so. But they happen… and THAT, my friends, is why I do this. This is why I’m still flogging that “dead horse.”

Even after forty-something years of sitting in cold , dark locations and listening back to hundreds of hours of audio, and the watching of hundreds more hours of myself sleeping, empty hallways, stairwells etc., waiting for that rare moment of possible paranormal happening. For me, it’s worth it; and no cynic or sceptic sitting behind their computer can convince me otherwise. If you do the maths and spend the time… it eventually makes sense and is definitely time well spent.

Sometimes obsession and perseverance do pay off. Maybe only in small change to start; but, put in the bank, it can lead to a wealth of knowledge earned and a rich new understanding of the world around us… and beyond…

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