New Zealand UFO Sightings

Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs are mysterious objects seen in the sky for which it is claimed no orthodox scientific explanation can be found, often supposed to be a vehicle carrying extraterrestrials. Haunted Auckland is compiling stories and accounts of New Zealand UFO sightings, both recent and historical. If you have seen a UFO or experienced what you believe is alien phenomena, please contact us. Keep watching the skies!
Alarm over 'alien space ship' sighting
UFO filmed above One Tree Hill , Auckland 7th Feb 2015
The New Zealand 'UFO' Wave of 1909 - By Tony Brunt
Ngatea Mystery Circle - Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?
Let’s not get in a "Flap" - Our 70's UFO sightings
In the Beginning... A history of New Zealand's UFO activity
Prosaic Explanations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism
Unidentified lights in the evening sky
West Coast gets UFO fever
UFO sighting leaves West Coast man 'bug eyed'
Kaikoura UFO sightings
North a UFO hot spot [The Northern Advocate]
Mystery of lights in sky lingers [Hawkes Bay Today]
UFO photographed over Auckland New Zealand 31st August 2012
Rotorua UFO 'sighting' goes viral on YouTube
It's 2012, here come the UFOs [NZ Herald]
UFO News: What Are The Waituhi Lights? (Video)
Strange light sparks UFO theories []
UFO was not debris, says local [Hawkes Bay Today]
Strange sightings in Bay skies - UFOs?
UFO sightings in Taranaki & Waikato skies.
Original files: NZ's UFO sightings files dating from 1952 - 2009
Mysterious Blue Spiral Photos, Christchurch New Zealand, March 29, 2011
UFO sighting over Dunedin, New Zealand two consecutive nights
Sightings of UFOs off North coast
Secret UFO files revealed
Files shine light on UFO sightings
Only one NZ UFO sighting investigated [The Press]
UFO group reports New Zealand defence chief resistance to, final release of classified UFO documents
NZ UFO - Christmas morning December 25th 2009
NZ sightings of spiral 'UFO'? []
Mystery lights pass over Moutere area
Lights in the NZ sky haunt TV producer for three decades
Origin of Hawke's Bay 'UFO' finally revealed
Unidentified object flies Canterbury skies
43 Year Old New Zealand Navy Photo Shows UFO
UFO website will record mysterious encounters