Carnegie Cres – Development, Hobsonville

During the massive development projects of the Hobsonville Point region of West Auckland, many full street and sub division blocks were bought up by developers and demolished to make way for more construction in the name of progress. Many 100s of houses went under the bulldozers; many low income renters had to find new accommodation. Hobsonville Point has a fascinating history. The air base played a critical role in New Zealand’s efforts to defend our country and fight alongside our allies during WWII. At the same time our commercial aviation industry was being pioneered from Hobsonville Point.

The road in this gallery, Carnegie Crescent, had 26 houses along its length. The road has personal interest, as it is where my wife spent a few years in the 1970s as a young child whilst her father served in the air-force. I made a sneaky visit to photographically document this former cosy neighbourhood in it’s final days, before it becomes just a memory.

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