Marlene Hayes

Marlene Hayes

Born in (Pretoria) South Africa and had my very first paranormal experience at age 5. The house we resided in left me suffering with night terrors and unexplained daily occurrences for many years.

Coming from a family that had deep roots in old traditional ways and beliefs. Anything paranormal was taboo and support to find the cause of the experiences was nonexistent. Left to my own means I had then decided from a young age that I would one day research and venture in to the paranormal field in the hopes of finding answers. By educating myself on the broad spectrum of paranormal phenomena, I would not only be prepared to work in the field, but hopefully help other families who need answers and or guidance. My paranormal experiences did not stop at a young age; I have since experienced and seen so many unexplained occurrences.

Alongside having a passion for the research in Paranormal, I’m also into outdoor activities. Anything from camping in remote locations to travelling the world. I have conducted investigations in South Africa, the UK and lastly Dubai where we resided for more than a decade and raised two girls.

We recently immigrated to wonderful New Zealand, where I joined Haunted Auckland! The team is not only passionate about their work, but what I admire about them the most is their realism and professionalism. They help to keep me grounded and show me the many alternative explanations and reasoning in regards to this line of work.

To further myself I had recently passed my first Parapsychology course through the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research. I achieved a Distinction in “Contemporary Issues in Parapsychology” and an overall pass rate of 73%. I am far from done with my studies, as I am currently doing the advanced course in Parapsychology. Hopefully I will also be able to study Demonology and Religious studies in the future.

I still don’t have the exact answers to what ghosts, spirits etc are. Honestly I don’t believe anyone really does. We do acknowledge their existence and until we can achieve the ground breaking results we all strive to accomplish; we will keep on working, researching and investigating!