Jess Floyd-Crabbe

Jess Floyd-Crabbe

A really cool quote that’s stuck with me the past few years is “replace fear of the unknown, with curiosity”. That sums up my relationship and (slight obsession) with the paranormal and supernatural quite nicely.

I was brought up with the total openness of the unknown, of things yet to be explored. My mum is a massive horror film and true crime/ghost documentaries nut, and loves the exploration of anything paranormal. My dad is the exact opposite, and instead chooses to live his life ‘in the light’, so to speak. I mean, he would have nightmares from Jaws.

So I was brought up with both perspectives, of openness as well as slight scepticism. Safe to say as I have gotten older and have had more exposure to life, I have a good balance of both. This puts me in good stead in this amazing industry, as well as undergoing a few experiences here and there I am yet to explain – but hopefully through being part of Haunted Auckland, I may!

I can’t pinpoint what it is about the paranormal that interests me so much. Part of it is the fact that we have the chance to delve deep into what on earth is out there aside from us, part of it is the fact that we can debunk some things that have been so engrained into us through mainstream media, and part of it is the amazing community that comes with this.

I love horror and thriller films, but HATE clowns – I am also a singer and a trained pole instructor. I guess that means I cover pretty much all bases really!

Being part of Haunted Auckland gives us the opportunity to dive in and explore all that is weird, wacky and wonderful about the world of paranormal.