Aimee Peterken

Aimee Peterken

I have always had an interest in spirits and the unknown. As a youngster in the UK, I loved to read books about unexplained mysteries such as human combustion, the Devil’s hoof prints, The Enfield Haunting and the Cottingley fairies. I watched Uri Geller, David Copperfield and the X Files, whilst regularly visiting historic homesteads and cemeteries.

My connection with Haunted Auckland began when I attended an evening at Kingseat Hospital in 2014, however, I had already experienced several incidents which I could not explain, over the decade prior.

Despite experiencing night terrors my entire life, I have never felt scared being in the dark or in reportedly haunted locations, similarly, I’ve always felt calm and contented when visiting cemeteries.

I love a good mystery, so putting together the pieces of an investigation to determine the possible causes of mysterious bumps in the night is a facet of our role which I enjoy the most; alongside the opportunity to visit so many fantastic locations around New Zealand!

My love of social history, combined with my decade as a History teacher has honed my historical research skills, whilst my genealogical research hobby means that I am always keen to learn about the past inhabitants of a location.