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Takapuna Boating Club
Takapuna Boating Club
Takapuna Boating Club

The Takapuna Boating Club started in 1914 on the shores of the Shoal Bay as the Bayswater Boating club and shortly after the First World War was re-established as the Takapuna Boating Club when a decision was made to erect a club house.

An old tannery building in Panmure was purchased. Over several weekends Club members demolished the building and barged all the timbers to Bayswater where they immediately set about building the magnificent building which still stands today. In 1926 the site on which the club house stands was gifted to the Club by Act of Parliament. A swimming pool that flushed with the tide was established on the seaward side by the then Takapuna Borough Council.

The Takapuna Boating Club operated from this club house until the late 1960’s hosting a number of major regattas in Shoal Bay and it is still used by the club as a sailing venue for learners and, when the tide is appropriate, for regattas.

It is now recognized as a historic building on both the North Shore City’s Heritage Register and the Auckland Regional Council’s Coastal Plan and the club is working towards its restoration.

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Urban myth states that this building is haunted. The rumours I’ve heard thus far, date way back at least a couple decades. Though at present are still just vague handed down local anecdotes and hearsay, lacking any detail or evidence.


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