McCaw Homestead – Matamata

From the website: The former McCaw Homestead stands on the site of an earlier dwelling, which formed the centrepiece of the Matamata Estate. The estate was established by Josiah Clifton Firth (1826-1897) in 1865 when he leased large areas of land from its Ngati Haua owners, through his friendly relationship with one of their… Continue reading McCaw Homestead – Matamata

The Prince’s Gate Hotel – Rotorua

On Feb 27th 2021, Mark, Sam, Aimee, Barbara and Natasha, piled themselves and a heap of equipment into two cars and made their way to beautiful Rotorua to spend a fun day & night taking in the sights, eating Mexican food, visiting the thermal areas and investigating the allegedly haunted Princes Gate Hotel. From their… Continue reading The Prince’s Gate Hotel – Rotorua

The Lakehouse Art Centre

We have been enjoying our ongoing investigation of the Lake House Arts Centre, in Takapuna. A stunning piece of historic real estate, built in the 1890’s as a family home and in 1997, relocated in seven pieces from its original place on Hurstmere road, at the Northern end of Takapuna Beach. A fascinating place with… Continue reading The Lakehouse Art Centre

Ghost Talking evening & Public Ghost Hunt @ The Pumphouse Theatre – Dec 1st 2018

Two events on the one night! Ghost Talking – A fun and fascinating evening of talks on various paranormal subjects. Followed by a public Ghost Hunt of the Theatre.   Ghost Talking event speakers were…. Sam Collier – What are we so afraid of? Marlene Hayes – Demonic Possession – Diabolical or Psychological? Barbara Caisley… Continue reading Ghost Talking evening & Public Ghost Hunt @ The Pumphouse Theatre – Dec 1st 2018

Former Wellington Fever Hospital / SPCA

It was a privilege and thrill to finally get the chance to explore this iconic historic Wellington landmark. The former Wellington Fever Hospital was designed in 1917 and completed for opening in 1920 to look after patients with infectious diseases and is a rare surviving example of an Isolation Hospital; situated high up on a… Continue reading Former Wellington Fever Hospital / SPCA

Fort Ballance – Wellington

Fort Ballance is a former coastal artillery battery on Point Gordon on Wellington’s Miramar Peninsula. Built in 1885 following fears of an impending war with Russia, Fort Ballance is one of the best preserved of a string of nineteenth century coastal defences constructed to protect New Zealand from a naval attack. In 1885, the Government,… Continue reading Fort Ballance – Wellington

Fairy folk tales of the Maori – Book by James Cowan

Loving this old gem I dug out of an old South Island second hand bookstore while on a recent roadtrip. I’ve always been fascinated in Maori folklore and handed down true – life histories; especially when it involves mysterious creatures and ghosts. This book, written by the then Wellington based historian, James Cowan satisfies my… Continue reading Fairy folk tales of the Maori – Book by James Cowan

ECRA 1978 Newsletter booklet scans

Recieved this classic piece today as a gift. Published by Wellington based research group ECRA (Earth Colonisation Research Association) Promotions and printed back in 1978, in limited numbers and circulated amongst the local underground UFO enthusiast community. Thank you so much Louise. It’ll go in my collection and is very much appreciated. After this posting… Continue reading ECRA 1978 Newsletter booklet scans

Erskine College, Wellington

History Erskine College in Wellington built from 1905 by the Society of the Sacred Heart, is a collection of Class 1 recognised historic buildings which include the Chapel of the Sacred Heart and the Main Block Convent. The premises served as a Catholic girls’ boarding school; Convent of the Sacred Heart at Island Bay, until… Continue reading Erskine College, Wellington

Wellington Opera House – Wellington

Construction work on the building, originally known as the “Grand Opera House”, began in 1911. William Pitt, the architect, was based in Melbourne, Australia, and much of the work was overseen by local architect Albert Liddy. The Opera House has three levels: stalls, circle and grand circle. It has fine moldings and an ornate dome.… Continue reading Wellington Opera House – Wellington

St James Theatre, Wellington

There are numerous ghosts reported to haunt this beautifully kept and much loved, iconic theatre. The St James Theatre was opened on Boxing Day, 1912. During the theatre’s first months, it was used primarily to play silent movies, but was later adapted to present live performances as well. The St. James has had a long… Continue reading St James Theatre, Wellington

Karori Cemetery – Wellington

Karori Cemetery is New Zealand’s second largest burial ground, covering nearly 40 hectares. It was the final resting place of about 83,000 people. Today, it is a wealth of Wellington history and a peaceful place to visit. The cemetery was established in 1891 to replace the overcrowded Bolton Street Cemetery. The cemetery filled quickly and… Continue reading Karori Cemetery – Wellington

Cambridge Hotel – Wellington

Cambridge Terrace, site of some of Wellington’s landmark buildings, was once a stream. Before a massive earthquake changed the landscape in 1855, flat-bottomed boats used to make their way from the harbour along what are now Cambridge and Kent terraces to a shallow lagoon, which later became the Basin Reserve. Many of the principals of… Continue reading Cambridge Hotel – Wellington

Kinder House, Parnell – Auckland

Kinder House is located in Parnell, Auckland. Built in 1857, Kinder House is one of Auckland’s most notable stone buildings. It was commissioned by Bishop G.A. Selwyn and designed by Frederick Thatcher, the architect for many Anglican buildings in Auckland. The house was the residence of London-born John Kinder, a former teacher, painter, photographer and… Continue reading Kinder House, Parnell – Auckland

A Different Kind of Normal- by Kathy McBride / Ghost Hunting Made Simple – by Jeanette Kamper

A couple of recently recieved books I’ve just finished reading on the paranormal investigation topic….Firstly, the locally written; A Different Kind of Normal, by Kathy McBride. Kathy is a psychic medium based in Wellington. This being her first attempt at writing a book. It’s a self released publication chalking up a somewhat bulky, but enjoyable… Continue reading A Different Kind of Normal- by Kathy McBride / Ghost Hunting Made Simple – by Jeanette Kamper

St James Theatre, Auckland – Exploratory Session One

The Haunted Auckland team is privileged to have been granted rare access to the St James and Regent Theatres, now under renovations and major construction, to document the location in its current condition, its history and any possible paranormal activity that may be evident within the buildings. We intend carrying out a few research visits within these buildings… Continue reading St James Theatre, Auckland – Exploratory Session One

UFO sighting has Wellington in a spin

A Wellington man is in awe after spotting an extra-terrestrial object in the sky over Lyall Bay this morning. Alex Greig said he often visited Lyall Bay Beach along Wellington’s southern coast with his wife, but this morning an unusual shaped orb caught his eye. “This morning we were walking along the beach… and having… Continue reading UFO sighting has Wellington in a spin

Chateau Tongariro Hotel

Hotel Chateau Tongariro

Chateau Tongariro is a New Zealand hotel and resort complex located close to Whakapapa ski-field on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu. It is also close to the volcanic peaks of Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe, within the borders of the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand’s oldest national park. The Chateau Tongariro Hotel building was finished… Continue reading Chateau Tongariro Hotel

Ngatea Mystery Circle – Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?

From the original script by the late Harold H. Fulton It began quietly enough early in September 1969, but before two months were up, New Zealand’s biggest space scare had boomed to the greatest public UFO awareness on record in this far southern land’s experience. For a period commencing mid-September for the following four to… Continue reading Ngatea Mystery Circle – Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?

Carrington Unitec: Building One

Carrington Hospital, now Unitec Institute of Technology Whau Lunatic Asylum (or: Lunatic Asylum at the Whau; later: Auckland Lunatic Asylum, Avondale Lunatic Asylum, Avondale Hospital, Auckland Mental Health Hospital, Oakley Hospital; Carrington Psychiatric Hospital; commonly Carrington/Oakley Hospital) was a psychiatric hospital on the Oakley Farm Estate situated in Point Chevalier, Auckland. Built in 1865 on… Continue reading Carrington Unitec: Building One

Bluestone Room

History In 1861, whilst the rest of New Zealand was being settled; a nondescript block building goes up in the thriving commercial centre of the far-flung British colony of Auckland. One hundred and fifty years later, the Bluestone Store resolutely remains anchored in Durham Lane, surrounded by high-rise apartments and offices. It is now one… Continue reading Bluestone Room

Massey Homestead, Mangere. Auckland

The Massey Homestead is an imposing historic building set in extensive gardens on Massey Road, Mangere East. It was for some years the home of William Ferguson Massey, who was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1912 to 1925. This is a brief history of the homestead, its ownership by the Massey family, its purchase… Continue reading Massey Homestead, Mangere. Auckland