Not Making Excuses

I’m often asked, “You’ve been doing this all your life now Mark, have you got any cool photos of ghosts?”, and, “What’s your best evidence?” My reply: “No”, and “Bugger all really.” How can someone be looking for something for this long, yet still not have any proof that it’s even there? Not wanting to… Continue reading Not Making Excuses

I’ve Been Thinking…

We at Haunted Auckland are forever trying out ideas to work around the myriad theories surrounding the vast paranormal field. So many theories regarding the “what” and “how” etc., of the various aspects within paranormal research. It’s all part of a natural progression for the team. As we learn and experience, we grow. Experimenting with… Continue reading I’ve Been Thinking…

Is my House Haunted?

You hear heavy footsteps in the upstairs hallway when you know no one is up there. Doors slam unaccountably. Household items disappear and reappear without cause. You wake to someone whispering in your ear, yet you sleep alone. The bathroom light switches on and off by itself. There’s the unmistakable scent of a strange perfume… Continue reading Is my House Haunted?

Finding Truth Through Terror: Sleep Paralysis

A Preface At 8 years old, I had my first experience of true terror, when I awoke to a man at the end of my bed. This man was definitely not my brother. He was a luminescent figure. No distinguishing features, just a glowing silhouette of light. I was frozen with fear, I couldn’t move.… Continue reading Finding Truth Through Terror: Sleep Paralysis

Red Beach Private Residence

The Haunted Auckland team were contacted by a family concerned by apparent paranormal activity occurring in their suburban Red Beach home. Reported activity A “spirit” woman was seen walking across the hallway while one of the girls was in the master bedroom. The older daughter woke one night to find her room full of spirit… Continue reading Red Beach Private Residence

Waking Paralysed: Abduction or sleep paralysis?

Sleep In introducing the subject of sleep paralysis, it will first be necessary to outline a few facts about sleep itself. Considering that we all sleep, it is surprising that the average UFO researcher knows so little about the subject. Everyone on Earth sleeps. All close to 6 billion of us. Lack of sleep can… Continue reading Waking Paralysed: Abduction or sleep paralysis?

Basic Types of Hauntings

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever heard someone call your name when you know no one is there? Ever seen the shadowy figure of someone out of the corner of your eye, then turn and see nothing? Or, have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like yourself, only to watch them… Continue reading Basic Types of Hauntings

Private Residence, Howick

The Haunted Auckland team was called to this family home after many incidents of paranormal activity including fire alarms going off, people being touched, family members’ names being called, shadow figures being seen on walls and ceilings, and sleep disturbances being experienced by every member of the family.