Lakehouse Art Centre session capture: Patty, is that you singing?

For the last 2 years, the majestic Lakehouse Art Centre in Takapuna have generously offered the team unlimited access to carry out our paranormal research. We appreciate this immensely and Thank them sincerely for their trust in us. For a few sessions now, we have had some interesting apparent interactions using a few trigger objects.… Continue reading Lakehouse Art Centre session capture: Patty, is that you singing?

The Lakehouse Art Centre

We have been enjoying our ongoing investigation of the Lake House Arts Centre, in Takapuna. A stunning piece of historic real estate, built in the 1890’s as a family home and in 1997, relocated in seven pieces from its original place on Hurstmere road, at the Northern end of Takapuna Beach. A fascinating place with… Continue reading The Lakehouse Art Centre

The PumpHouse Theatre

The PumpHouse Theatre is located in the picturesque Killarney Park which sits on the edge of the equally beautiful and intriguing, Lake Pupuke. The PumpHouse operates as a venue for hire for the performing arts. It hosts a wide range of theatre, from plays, musicals, dance, stand-up comedy and many other kinds of events. But… Continue reading The PumpHouse Theatre

Haunted by Shadows

These intriguing NZ shadow experiences were sent in by one of our wonderful followers…. I’d like to document An experience, here’s one out of a few in my life,all experienced in the same house. I’m not a person who is easily scared and I’ll always looks for the logic in situations but there are just… Continue reading Haunted by Shadows

At Night at the Vulcan Hotel

I thought I’d share this here. It’s a chapter from my Haunted New Zealand Roadtrip book on an intriguing old histoical Pub / Hotel down in the stunning Central Otago region. We slowly crawled along the gravel road that passes through this “sprawling metropolis” – about five small historical houses, a post office and a… Continue reading At Night at the Vulcan Hotel

Haunted Mirror

I received a message from a concerned person that was in possession of a mirror; a mirror with something of a dark history that she needed to be rid of. An unassuming and quite cheaply made mirror that had come from The Warehouse, a New Zealand homewares dept store and had been used for many… Continue reading Haunted Mirror

Haunted home? 5 rules for choosing the right paranormal team for the job.

Being part of a Paranormal research Investigating team myself for many years now, this has allowed me to not only deal with people from all walks of life, but it has also allowed me to gain an understanding of how and what they THINK we do and how it all really works. Many of my… Continue reading Haunted home? 5 rules for choosing the right paranormal team for the job.

Ballachulish Hotel – Glencoe, Scotland

Another night, another allegedly haunted hotel ticked off our itinerary. This one was the Ballachulish Hotel in Glencoe, in the Highlands of Scotland. Lots of stories from this place. Everything from shadows, footsteps and ”touchings”, to a mysterious ghostly young boy and an elderley woman seen often in corridors and rooms. Aside from a few… Continue reading Ballachulish Hotel – Glencoe, Scotland

Photo Analysis: Sleeping Child (2019-08-13)

The following image was submitted to the NZ Paranormal Research discussion group. It shows a sleeping child with a light anomaly in the upper right quadrant. The image, having been uploaded to Facebook, has been stripped of all useful meta-data, so we cannot make any determination of the camera settings at the time the photograph… Continue reading Photo Analysis: Sleeping Child (2019-08-13)

Two recent ”Haunted” additions

A couple of recent additions to the haunted item research room (or the Hoarding / junk room, as the wife calls it!) Went around to collect these two mischievous girls, due to their inability to behave themselves, causing much grief and unease in this suburban One Tree Hill household. The story goes that the two… Continue reading Two recent ”Haunted” additions

St Stephens House – 9 St Stephens Avenue & 1A Brighton Road, Parnell [To be Demolished]

One of the misconceptions in the research that we do, is that we can gain special access to any building we desire. If there are reports of possible paranormal activity, or a house is of historical value, then Haunted Auckland can automatically gain ‘red carpet’ access to investigate and document. This just isn’t the case.… Continue reading St Stephens House – 9 St Stephens Avenue & 1A Brighton Road, Parnell [To be Demolished]

Waverley Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky. U.S

Early in the 1900’s following an outbreak of ‘White Plague’ (otherwise known as tuberculosis) the Waverley Hills Sanatorium was purpose built for patients in hopes of containing the disease. There was no cure for the disease and whole families and sometimes, whole towns died from it. The land chosen for the sanatorium close to Louisville… Continue reading Waverley Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky. U.S

The Little Theatre – Bath

Just investigated this old beauty in Bath for a couple of hours. The Little Theatre; a two screened multi-cinema which was originally a community theatre for the underprivileged of Bath, changing to a cinema during the 1930’s. Cinema staff have experienced fluctuations in temperature and unexplained bangs. Footsteps, sounds of movement and shadows have also… Continue reading The Little Theatre – Bath

The Nature and Existence of Ghosts

Macbeth seeing the ghost of Banquo - by Théodore Chassériau

“What are ghosts?” – This is a question which is often pondered by paranormal investigators. A recent Reddit post started me thinking on my theories on the nature and existence of ghosts and I decided I would take the opportunity to expand on my thoughts here.

St Stephens Houses, Parnell – Auckland

The St Stephens Houses have sat empty and tightly boarded up for about a decade and have a local reputation of potentially being haunted. There are ‘urban-myth’ type claims of seeing shadows moving around; a person seen standing in a top floor window, the movement of curtains as if someone was looking out, voices and… Continue reading St Stephens Houses, Parnell – Auckland

Ghost Hunters in the Dark

Why do ghost hunters look for ghosts at night with the lights off? Obviously it’s more dramatic, but is there some specific reason or investigative rationale behind it? —S. Pedroncelli A: Nearly every ghost-themed “reality” TV show and film has one or more scenes in which the investigators walk around a darkened place, usually at… Continue reading Ghost Hunters in the Dark

Erskine College, Wellington

History Erskine College in Wellington built from 1905 by the Society of the Sacred Heart, is a collection of Class 1 recognised historic buildings which include the Chapel of the Sacred Heart and the Main Block Convent. The premises served as a Catholic girls’ boarding school; Convent of the Sacred Heart at Island Bay, until… Continue reading Erskine College, Wellington

Undisclosed ex School – Mark’s Investigation notes. Oct 22nd 2016

Last nights return to the old Auckland school was interesting to say the least. We started at 8pm (but began our live Facebook feed at 9pm) and carried on through to just before 3am. From there on, I spent the rest of the early morning doing it solo. I got to sleep around 4.30am and… Continue reading Undisclosed ex School – Mark’s Investigation notes. Oct 22nd 2016

Help! There are creepy faces in my photograph!

An example of pareidolia in a high ISO JPEG image.

So you’ve taken a photograph with your phone and you notice something odd in the shadows. You zoom right in and there are creepy faces! Eyes and maybe a nose and a mouth or even a skull, staring out transparently from the shadows. Is it a ghost? Is it a demon? What have I captured?… Continue reading Help! There are creepy faces in my photograph!

Project Puhinui: Session one – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village

Session One: March 19th 2016 – Solo overnight vigil by Mark Wallbank Feb 2016, I began working on a plan to investigate further, the almost regular unusual occurrences that have been reported through the years at the grand, and much loved, Puhinui house. puhi are the decorative plumes used on Maori war canoes; nui meaning… Continue reading Project Puhinui: Session one – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village