Survivor Man: Bigfoot

  Survivor Man: Bigfoot                                                                       In the words of Survivor Man Les Stroud he is not a big-footer, nor an enthusiast nor is he a witness to a sighting. He is a man who has had some experiences and he now wants answers – The truth. These are in  his words in the new episodes of… Continue reading Survivor Man: Bigfoot

Thoughts on Bigfoot Eye Shine

Over the years hundreds of bigfoot eyewitnesses have reported seeing what is described as glowing eyes. The eyes most often glow with a red color, but not always. Green, amber, blue, and even a scintillating mishmash of colors have also been reported. Some have suggested that bigfoots actually create this light with their own eyes… Continue reading Thoughts on Bigfoot Eye Shine

The Ten Essentials of Bigfooting

Back in the 1930′s, the newsletter of a group called the Mountaineers ( suggested a list of ten items that outdoors enthusiasts should always have while with them while enjoying outdoors recreation activities. These items have since become known as the “Ten Essentials”, and most authorities on hiking, backpacking, and climbing strongly recommend these as… Continue reading The Ten Essentials of Bigfooting

Where are the Bones? A logical question with a logical answer

When discussing the possibility of sasquatches being real animals with the general public, I often get the question, “If they’re real, why don’t we find their bones?” I usually answer this question with another: “If bears and mountain lions are real, why don’t we find their bones?” The likely answer makes a lot of sense.… Continue reading Where are the Bones? A logical question with a logical answer

The Fouke Monster

The Fouke Monster, also known as the Southern Sasquatch, is a legendary cryptid reported near the town of Fouke in Miller County, Arkansas, during the early 1970s. The creature was accused of attacking a local family. Initial sightings of the creature were concentrated in the Jonesville/Boggy Creek area, where it was blamed for the destruction… Continue reading The Fouke Monster

A Case for Infrasound

Most researchers of the Sasquatch phenomenon soon recognize that many people have strange reactions to the presence of these animals. The feeling of being watched is by far one of the most frequently mentioned anomalies in reports, but there are many others. It is my opinion that infrasound can account for most, if not all,… Continue reading A Case for Infrasound

Using Thermal Imagers

I was first exposed to thermal imagers while working on a bigfoot expedition in Florida. Wally Hersom had generously provided a number of Thermal Eye X200XP thermal imagers to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) for use, along with equipment on which to record images. When I first looked through one of these devices, I… Continue reading Using Thermal Imagers

Australian Ape Nesting and Great Ape Comparison

NESTING – A comparison of bedding between Great Apes and the fabled Australian Ape By Ray Doherty, Anthony Lipanovic, Nigel Francis, Lindsay Sander and Brad Payne A possible nest found near a tree nest location. This more than likely belongs to the adult which is more terrestrial as it gets older and sleeps whilst its… Continue reading Australian Ape Nesting and Great Ape Comparison


Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the name given to an ape or hominid – like creature that some people believe inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. The term sasquatch is an anglicized derivative of the Halkomelem word sásq’ets. Most… Continue reading Bigfoot

Moehau Man – New Zealand’s Bigfoot

The Moehau Man There are legends and stories of huge bushmen that abound around the world. In North America there is the Sasquatch or Big Foot, Asia has the Yeti, and Australia the Yowie. And while they are geographically separated, in some case by vast distances and oceans, their descriptions are always somewhat similar. New… Continue reading Moehau Man – New Zealand’s Bigfoot

Big Feet Musing

I was sitting here doing some thinking, please note jokes about seeing the smoke rising I get enough of that from my family, and it occurred to me why the many varied types of Sasquatch, Bigfoot or whatever you want to call the big guy may act more communally than we originally thought. I have… Continue reading Big Feet Musing

Kiwi ‘comedian’ causes international Bigfoot offence

NZ’er and self proclaimed ‘comedian’ Leigh Hart has gotten himself in very hot water by writing his recent article entitled ‘Let’s Hear It for the Maori Sasquatch‘. The article was spread like wildfire via the internet causing many worldwide to cringe and spit venom. Now Leigh is frantically back-pedalling to clear his name and to… Continue reading Kiwi ‘comedian’ causes international Bigfoot offence

Big Mystery Cat Photographed in NZ

Two Scottish tourists have photographed a catlike creature of unknown origin in New Zealand, as shown in Mystery Animal Snapped. The Himalayas had their Yetis, while Canada’s Sasquatch was known informally as “Bigfoot”.And now, the Lindis Pass hill country may – or may not – have its “Big Ginge”.Scottish tourists Charlie and Marie Limond photographed… Continue reading Big Mystery Cat Photographed in NZ

Bushnell: $1,000,000 For Bigfoot Trail Cam Photo

The outdoors products company is offering a million dollars for “a verifiable photo of Sasquatch with your trail camera.” Details, to date. Plus, an essay on some recent images of trail cam-captured Bigfoot, rhino, muntjac, rare rabbit, and other animals and cryptids is shared. Images, video. full article here: