Quick catch-up-update during Lock-down 2020

Hey everyone, just thought I’d jump in here and touch base, as I know it’s been a trying and testing time for many out there. Please stay strong, connected and safe through all this and most importantly, try and stay positive. There’s always light at the end of that dark tunnel. Paranormal pun? Here in… Continue reading Quick catch-up-update during Lock-down 2020

Waverley Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky. U.S

Early in the 1900’s following an outbreak of ‘White Plague’ (otherwise known as tuberculosis) the Waverley Hills Sanatorium was purpose built for patients in hopes of containing the disease. There was no cure for the disease and whole families and sometimes, whole towns died from it. The land chosen for the sanatorium close to Louisville… Continue reading Waverley Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky. U.S

Glasgow Royal Infirmary – Glasgow, Scotland

The hospital was first built in 1794, when leeches were still seen as a legitimate way to treat illnesses. The hospital underwent major renovations at the beginning of the 1900s and then again in the 1970s. With centuries of both physical and mental suffering, as well as frequent remodelling, it is no surprise that there… Continue reading Glasgow Royal Infirmary – Glasgow, Scotland

Project Puhinui: Session one – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village

Session One: March 19th 2016 – Solo overnight vigil by Mark Wallbank Feb 2016, I began working on a plan to investigate further, the almost regular unusual occurrences that have been reported through the years at the grand, and much loved, Puhinui house. puhi are the decorative plumes used on Maori war canoes; nui meaning… Continue reading Project Puhinui: Session one – Puhinui House, Howick Historical Village

St James Theatre, Auckland – Exploratory Session One

The Haunted Auckland team is privileged to have been granted rare access to the St James and Regent Theatres, now under renovations and major construction, to document the location in its current condition, its history and any possible paranormal activity that may be evident within the buildings. We intend carrying out a few research visits within these buildings… Continue reading St James Theatre, Auckland – Exploratory Session One

St James / Regent / Odeon theatres – Auckland

TWO SESSIONS : Sat 22 August 2015 & Fri 18 September 2015 I hadn’t set foot in this stunning central Auckland city landmark for a good twenty something years. as a kid I would save my pocket money and mow a few lawns, to raise enough to jump on a bus and go spend a day… Continue reading St James / Regent / Odeon theatres – Auckland

Whangarei Private Residence

The Haunted Auckland team travelled to a small settlement just out of Whangarei to investigate a family’s reports of activity within their home. The area is very old with the road outside the house once having been the main road between Whangarei and Auckland.  The settlement once boasted a courthouse and shops and in the… Continue reading Whangarei Private Residence

Lopdell House – Titirangi, Auckland

In recent years it is said that some of the tenants had complained of hearing unusual banging coming from the kitchen, toilets flushing by themselves, unusual voices recorded on gallery computers and windows that appear to open by themselves after hours. A woman who had worked in the Art Gallery (large ground floor room) in… Continue reading Lopdell House – Titirangi, Auckland

Lizzie Borden House

Lizzie Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was tried and acquitted in the 1892 axe murders of her father Andrew Borden and stepmother Abby in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Borden home, originally built for two families in 1845, was turned into a single family dwelling by Andrew. The house remains a city landmark… Continue reading Lizzie Borden House

Massey Homestead, Mangere. Auckland

The Massey Homestead is an imposing historic building set in extensive gardens on Massey Road, Mangere East. It was for some years the home of William Ferguson Massey, who was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1912 to 1925. This is a brief history of the homestead, its ownership by the Massey family, its purchase… Continue reading Massey Homestead, Mangere. Auckland

Return to Herne Bay Residence

The team returned for another visit to this Herne Bay home about a year after the initial investigation, to further document the apparently paranormal events that seem to be occurring from time to time. The current owners have recently had architects and engineers in as they are about to start major renovations. It seems this… Continue reading Return to Herne Bay Residence

Undisclosed Innercity Brothel

Auckland City’s rich, lively and ever changing sex industry has seen many characters and guises through the decades. Parlours would open with great frequency, but never seemed to survive long, but for only a small handful of ‘stayers’ that thrived through the years. The Pink Pussycat Club (run by the ‘King of K Rd’ or… Continue reading Undisclosed Innercity Brothel

Renovations stir activity in Mangere

We currently have tenants living in the upstairs while we renovate upstairs. The things which come to mind are, the toilet flushing for no apparent reason, the stereo going on and off without anyone touching. My husband parked in the driveway at Easter and was upstairs in the house when his car stereo turned on,… Continue reading Renovations stir activity in Mangere

Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden

The team was invited to visit this wonderful old theatre in west Auckland’s Glen Eden. We had heard stories of ‘Ernie‘, the resident ghost, who some say, has been residing there since World War 2. Ernie is often blamed for any theatre mishaps within the theatre and comfortably known by most that have worked there through… Continue reading Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden

The Tavistock Hotel – Waipukurau

We team up with Core Paranormal from Palmerston North in a joint investigation of the historical Tavistock Hotel in central Hawke’s Bay.

Waitomo Caves Hotel

Location & History Waitomo Caves Hotel was first originally called Waitomo House, then in 1905 the Tourist Department bought it & renamed it the Government Hostel. Waitomo Caves Hotel is situated upon a natural high-point in an area of limestone rock honeycombed with natural caves and underground streams. Many of these caves are regarded as Tapu (sacred)… Continue reading Waitomo Caves Hotel

Victoria Theatre and Picture Palace

What will the team find in this century old Devonport theatre where the ghost of a former projectionist is said to dwell? Join us on a joint investigation with the Auckland Spirit Chasers. Location The Victoria Theatre and Picture Palace is located in Devonport, on Auckland’s picturesque North Shore. Known for its beaches and expensive real-estate,… Continue reading Victoria Theatre and Picture Palace

Return to the Howick Historical Village

See the intriguing evidence the team captured on our follow-up investigation among the fascinating echoes of Auckland’s colonial past. Background For location history and other background information, see the investigation report from our previous visit in December 2011. The Return After the interest in our previous investigation from followers on our Facebook page and upon hearing further stories from… Continue reading Return to the Howick Historical Village

Howick Historical Village

Haunted Auckland takes a step back in time to investigate the Howick Historical Village, looking for paranormal activity in building dating back to Auckland’s early colonial days.

Remuera: Ghostly goings on at No 4

By Donna Fleming [NZ Herald]It took three exorcisms and a Maori blessing to expel the spirits from historic Cotter House, one of the homes featuring on this year’s Look Good Feel Better Fine Homes Tour. If only these walls could talk. There must be hundreds of fascinating tales to tell about the goings-on at Remuera’s… Continue reading Remuera: Ghostly goings on at No 4