Re-visit to Massey Homestead – Touch-light activation incidents

On July 25th, 2020, the team returned to follow up on a location we had investigated back in 2014. The mid 1800s built Massey Homestead; situated in lush, landscaped grounds in Mangere, is one building the team have been wanting to revisit for a few years now. It was a damn chilly night to be… Continue reading Re-visit to Massey Homestead – Touch-light activation incidents

Unusual sudden battery drainage of all equipment during investigation – Thoughts?

Hi all, This is a question aimed more at other researchers / investigators and teams etc, because I know they’ll definitely relate to this, but also, I’m interested in the opinions of others. A reoccurring event that seems to happen at many paranormal investigations, is battery drain. Cameras, torches and anything in your arsenal; powered… Continue reading Unusual sudden battery drainage of all equipment during investigation – Thoughts?

Ghost Talking evening & Public Ghost Hunt @ The Pumphouse Theatre – Dec 1st 2018

Two events on the one night! Ghost Talking – A fun and fascinating evening of talks on various paranormal subjects. Followed by a public Ghost Hunt of the Theatre.   Ghost Talking event speakers were…. Sam Collier – What are we so afraid of? Marlene Hayes – Demonic Possession – Diabolical or Psychological? Barbara Caisley… Continue reading Ghost Talking evening & Public Ghost Hunt @ The Pumphouse Theatre – Dec 1st 2018

Where Art and Cattle commune – South Auckland

With possibly a photography or art student as the previous tenant, this rurally situated house now stands, structurally weak and abandoned. The remains of a creative past tenant litters the floors and there is evidence of neighbouring cows roaming the halls and rooms for shelter.  

Spirits Bay (Piwhane)

e Karaka Bay (left) and the long coastline of Spirits Bay (right), viewed from its eastern end. Credit:

The aptly named Spirits Bay, or Piwhane, is located at the most northern tip of New Zealand’s North Island. The isolated bay is 12 kilometers long and was named one of the top campers’ spots in New Zealand. Cultural Significance From Wikipedia: The bay is considered a sacred place in Māori culture as according to… Continue reading Spirits Bay (Piwhane)

When Ghost Hunting Goes Bad – An article by Hayley Stevens

A good article by Hayley Stevens that highlights one of the major downfalls of the paranormal research field, that we see around us on an almost daily basis. Especially when it comes to private residential visits.Unfortunately, the field is rife with uneducated, naive and inexperienced enthusiasts; all wanting to play ‘Ghost hunters’ and hopefully become… Continue reading When Ghost Hunting Goes Bad – An article by Hayley Stevens

The Borley Hauntings

Photo by Lisa Ward [Haunted Auckland]

The little village of Borley is located in a very pretty but sparsely populated area of North Essex and just a few miles away from the Suffolk border where I grew up. At one time the Borley Rectory was considered the most haunted house in England. As a small child I became fascinated with the… Continue reading The Borley Hauntings

Napier Prison Investigation

On the topic of prison, it’s more likely that you’d hear of those on the inside that can’t wait to get out. And then there’s us – those on the outside that couldn’t wait to get in… Haunted Auckland had been invited by Craig Wright to join him on a tour of Napier Prison where… Continue reading Napier Prison Investigation

Regent Theatre, Auckland – Two research sessions

The team gained access for two research sessions within the long abandoned, dark and powerless, Regent Theatre and Auckland City central, to follow up on our recent exploratory session, with more indepth exploration, documentation and a few communication attempts, before it is demolished to make way for  major development plans. Quite a lot of demolition has been done since our last visit a… Continue reading Regent Theatre, Auckland – Two research sessions

Survivor Man: Bigfoot

  Survivor Man: Bigfoot                                                                       In the words of Survivor Man Les Stroud he is not a big-footer, nor an enthusiast nor is he a witness to a sighting. He is a man who has had some experiences and he now wants answers – The truth. These are in  his words in the new episodes of… Continue reading Survivor Man: Bigfoot

New NZ Teams Wanted

Hi all, we get private visit requests on an almost daily basis, from people all over the country, that claim to be experiencing unusual, possibly paranormal events in their homes that frighten them, causing unrest within the family. If the location is local, we can usually send some team members out to look into it… Continue reading New NZ Teams Wanted

Thoughts on Bigfoot Eye Shine

Over the years hundreds of bigfoot eyewitnesses have reported seeing what is described as glowing eyes. The eyes most often glow with a red color, but not always. Green, amber, blue, and even a scintillating mishmash of colors have also been reported. Some have suggested that bigfoots actually create this light with their own eyes… Continue reading Thoughts on Bigfoot Eye Shine

You Suspect Your Home is Haunted? Should You Investigate Your Home?

Every morning, like clockwork, at three in the morning, you’re woken to hear someone call your name. Alone and terrified, you stop to listen. You hear a bang, and then the sound of walking. Alarmed, you get up to see if anyone is in your house. Reluctantly you search the entire house and you realize that nobody… Continue reading You Suspect Your Home is Haunted? Should You Investigate Your Home?

Carrington Unitec: Building One

Carrington Hospital, now Unitec Institute of Technology Whau Lunatic Asylum (or: Lunatic Asylum at the Whau; later: Auckland Lunatic Asylum, Avondale Lunatic Asylum, Avondale Hospital, Auckland Mental Health Hospital, Oakley Hospital; Carrington Psychiatric Hospital; commonly Carrington/Oakley Hospital) was a psychiatric hospital on the Oakley Farm Estate situated in Point Chevalier, Auckland. Built in 1865 on… Continue reading Carrington Unitec: Building One

A Painful Lesson Learned in Paranormal Photography, on the USS Hornet

It’s every single paranormal investigators dream to capture, every homeowners unwanted visitor, and every child’s nightmare. The FBA. The full bodied apparition. Some people go their whole lives working to document this exact phenomena with absolutely nothing to show for it but thousands upon thousands of awkward camera angles, shot somewhere in the dark, in… Continue reading A Painful Lesson Learned in Paranormal Photography, on the USS Hornet

Highwic House – Epsom, Auckland

Situated at 40 Gillies Ave, Epsom. Highwic is a historic house in Epsom, New Zealand that is registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust as a Category I structure and is also one of AA Travel’s “101 Must-Do’s for Kiwis”. The site has been made available for wedding, photography, filming or catering services. Highwic is… Continue reading Highwic House – Epsom, Auckland

The Ten Essentials of Bigfooting

Back in the 1930′s, the newsletter of a group called the Mountaineers ( suggested a list of ten items that outdoors enthusiasts should always have while with them while enjoying outdoors recreation activities. These items have since become known as the “Ten Essentials”, and most authorities on hiking, backpacking, and climbing strongly recommend these as… Continue reading The Ten Essentials of Bigfooting

George Adamski and the Venusians

In 1952, contactee George Adamski took this photograph of a ‘Venusian’ Scout Craft. The close up shows more detail of a UFO than ever before seen. Adamski, who claimed to have been in direct contact with an alien being, took the photo through a telescope after one such contact. Does the photo show a vehicle… Continue reading George Adamski and the Venusians

Prosaic Explanations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism

Introduction “If I had found even a single case that defied prosaic explanation, I would have rushed to my typewriter (now my PC) to write the most exciting story ever published by Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine.” -in a letter from Philip J. Klass to Dr. Eugene Mallove Could some UFO sightings actually be… Continue reading Prosaic Explanations: The Failure Of UFO Skepticism

Orbs and Digital Photography

There is much debate and controversy as to whether “orbs” in photos are spiritual/ghosts, dust, moisture or insects. On one side of the debate, “Sceptics” are saying the orb is a reflection/ refraction of light caused by the flash being too close to the lens on modern digital cameras. Sceptics will also argue that dust, moisture, rain… Continue reading Orbs and Digital Photography

Waimate Hospital, Waimate

A number of sod built cottages were built at Sodtown in the Waimate’s early days. The area became the site of Waimate Hospital. A cottage hospital was built on the site of former SOD TOWN in 1874-5. A larger building was erected in 1878. Dr Deane (from Blenheim) was appointed resident surgeon in December 1878.… Continue reading Waimate Hospital, Waimate

Theory of “Spirit Orbs” and The Diagnosing of Online Photos

We are often sent photos and asked what we think of them. After feeling like a broken record, I felt like maybe I should explain why we do not “diagnose” photos that are sent to us over the internet. It’s not that we’re being “para snobs!” Honestly! Bottom line, whether its a potential spirit orb,… Continue reading Theory of “Spirit Orbs” and The Diagnosing of Online Photos