Cumberland College, Otago

Cumberland College is a residential college in Dunedin, for the University of Otago. The iconic landmark was established as a hall of residence in 1989 and is located in the former Dunedin Hospital Nurses’ Home, built in 1916, just across the road from Dunedin Hospital and the Queen Mary Maternity Hospital. There are underground tunnels… Continue reading Cumberland College, Otago

Alien Big Cats in New Zealand

Found this interesting article over on . Alien Big Cat (ABCs) are alive and well in New Zealand and the sightings of them are becoming many and frequent. Now, before you really think I’m crazy (more than usual anyway), let me educate you as to what Alien Big Cats are. Alien Big Cats (ABCs,… Continue reading Alien Big Cats in New Zealand

An Invercargill ghost caught in photo?

Busting out the ghost theories By SAM McKNIGHT – The Southland Times An Invercargill man has taken a photograph that could be proof of the afterlife, or it could be a cloud – who knows? Andrew Watters travelled to St Bathans, near Alexandra, with his partner Kim Ward during the weekend in search of the… Continue reading An Invercargill ghost caught in photo?

Bendigo UFO

Bendigo UFO a YouTube Hit The AdvertiserAn Australian man filmed a UFO above his home in Bendigo, Victoria, Tuesday night April 14, 2009. He placed his homemade video on the popular YouTube website, and viewers from around the world have begun to pick up on it. Is the object filmed a UFO, the International Space… Continue reading Bendigo UFO