Gun Emplacements and Look-Out – Bastion Point, Auckland

This military outpost was built by the New Zealand Government in 1885 because of its strategic position overlooking the Waitemata Harbour. In response to the “Russian-scare” of 1973 whereby a Russian warship allegedly captured a British ship in the Auckland Harbour, a series coastal defenses were set up in 1885, including those at North Head… Continue reading Gun Emplacements and Look-Out – Bastion Point, Auckland

Fort Takapuna

Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve, one of the most significant new additions to the conservation estate, was opened by the Minister of Conservation Sandra Lee on 18 June 2000. This was the result of a decision to classify part of the land used by the NZ Defence Forces for over a century as a Historic Reserve,… Continue reading Fort Takapuna

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum – Devonport, Auckland

Housed in a 19th Century submarine mining station looking over the Waitemata Harbour, the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum showcases the rich history of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The North Head Tunnels

Come with us as we explore the gun emplacements and shelters which burrow into this Auckland volcano. History and Background: North Head is a small strategic headland at the mouth of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. Its commanding views over the Hauraki Gulf and inner harbour have made it an important lookout and defence site for centuries,… Continue reading The North Head Tunnels