The Lakehouse Art Centre

We have been enjoying our ongoing investigation of the Lake House Arts Centre, in Takapuna. A stunning piece of historic real estate, built in the 1890’s as a family home and in 1997, relocated in seven pieces from its original place on Hurstmere road, at the Northern end of Takapuna Beach. A fascinating place with… Continue reading The Lakehouse Art Centre

Haunted Auckland’s Napier Roadtrip & Prison Ghost hunt

The team roadtripped its way back down to the beautiful Hawkes Bay region once again to spend the night at the mighty Napier Prison. We were running a public ghost hunt event that night and when everyone had gone home, we spent the next few hours in investigation mode. It was a long day / night,… Continue reading Haunted Auckland’s Napier Roadtrip & Prison Ghost hunt

Old Napier Hospital – Napier

During the Xmas holidays, Sam from Haunted Auckland took his family for a few days’ stay down in Napier, situated in the beautiful Hawkes Bay region. While he was there he took the chance to visit and photograph the abandoned Old Napier Hospital, which is currently in the process of demolition. Whilst not necessarily haunted, we still… Continue reading Old Napier Hospital – Napier

Mark’s Solo Overnight Stay @ Napier Prison

After a year-long gap, (well, it was only around this time last year, but seems an eternity!) I figured it was time to revisit this intriguing urban fortress. The plan was standard. To spend the entire night, exploring and investigating the entire facility. Documenting everything as I go. Since we drove there, the car was… Continue reading Mark’s Solo Overnight Stay @ Napier Prison

Napier Prison Investigation

On the topic of prison, it’s more likely that you’d hear of those on the inside that can’t wait to get out. And then there’s us – those on the outside that couldn’t wait to get in… Haunted Auckland had been invited by Craig Wright to join him on a tour of Napier Prison where… Continue reading Napier Prison Investigation

New NZ Teams Wanted

Hi all, we get private visit requests on an almost daily basis, from people all over the country, that claim to be experiencing unusual, possibly paranormal events in their homes that frighten them, causing unrest within the family. If the location is local, we can usually send some team members out to look into it… Continue reading New NZ Teams Wanted

The New Zealand ‘UFO’ Wave of 1909 – By Tony Brunt

The New Zealand ‘UFO’ Wave of 1909 By Tony Brunt 1967 – Former convener of the Auckland University UFO Research Group (no longer in existence.) For a little over a month in the winter of 1909 hundreds of New Zealanders reported seeing “airships” of varying shapes and sizes moving about in the sky. Sighting reports… Continue reading The New Zealand ‘UFO’ Wave of 1909 – By Tony Brunt

Napier Prison

Napier Prison is a former prison in Napier that was New Zealand’s oldest prison. It is now an historic facility which offers guided tours twice daily and self-guided audio tours all-day. It is also the only building where it is possible to see the original path of the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake. The Prison was constructed… Continue reading Napier Prison

Do Scientists Fear the Paranormal?

The question has been asked for decades: why haven’t psychic powers been proven yet? Psychics have been studied for decades, both in and out of the laboratory, yet the scientific community (and the public at large) remains unconvinced. In a recent book, “Science & Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics,” author Chris… Continue reading Do Scientists Fear the Paranormal?


Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the name given to an ape or hominid – like creature that some people believe inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. The term sasquatch is an anglicized derivative of the Halkomelem word sásq’ets. Most… Continue reading Bigfoot

Old Napier Cemetery

In the early 1850s, the Colonial Government in Auckland sent Alfred Domett, District Commissioner of Crown Lands, to oversee the survey and drawing up of a plan for the still-to-be-named port town. It was Domett who proposed the settlement be named Napier after Sir Charles Napier (1782-1853), who successfully led British forces against a large… Continue reading Old Napier Cemetery

Mystery of lights in sky lingers [Hawkes Bay Today]

The mystery of moving coloured lights in the night skies over Hawke’s Bay continues to deepen with a third sighting since early last month. Last Saturday night it was Onekawa resident Stephen Carr’s turn to be perplexed by unexpected lights overhead after going outside just after 9pm. And, as he discovered after calling police, he… Continue reading Mystery of lights in sky lingers [Hawkes Bay Today]

Ghostly goings on in Hastings [Hawkes Bay Today]

An alleged ghost sighting in the Hawke’s Bay Today Hastings office has inspired a raft of claims surrounding other potentially haunted buildings in the city. A contract cleaner was working in the Hastings office on Thursday night when she was “notified about a presence in your building”. She had been working in the building for… Continue reading Ghostly goings on in Hastings [Hawkes Bay Today]

The Possiblity of Mosasaurs breeding off the New Zealand Coast.

Introduction: There have been many encounters with unknown creatures off the coast of New Zealand, with the East coast being particularly favoured. There is a very good reason for this, running parallel to New Zealand’s coastline is the Hikurangi Trench. A deep gouge on the ocean floor, that descends in places to depths of 3,750… Continue reading The Possiblity of Mosasaurs breeding off the New Zealand Coast.

Sightings of UFOs off North coast

by Mike Barrington [The Northern Advocate] Mystery lights seen in the sky over Tutukaka could have been alien cosmic masters cruising by in their flying saucers. Or they may have been Chinese lanterns released by European backpackers partying on a nearby beach. Mal Egginton at first thought he was seeing a plane when he watched… Continue reading Sightings of UFOs off North coast

UFOs Buzz New Zealand After X-Files Release [AOL NEWS.COM]

Could New Zealand become a new hot spot for close encounters? Just days after New Zealand authorities released 2,000 pages of previously classified UFO X-Files, mysterious lights were spotted over three locations.New Zealand’s news service reports that on Sunday, Boxing Day in that country, unexplained orange and red lights appeared above Napier, Taranaki and… Continue reading UFOs Buzz New Zealand After X-Files Release [AOL NEWS.COM]

Origin of Hawke’s Bay ‘UFO’ finally revealed

An object that mysteriously smashed through the roof of a house near Hastings, forcing a light plane to land for a mechanical check, apparently came from a wood-splitter. The incident occurred about a month ago when a Whakatu resident called police and said a chunk of iron had ended up on his living room floor,… Continue reading Origin of Hawke’s Bay ‘UFO’ finally revealed