A doll with a message

Interesting recent discovery! About 25 or so years ago (around 1995 I think) a woman came into the music store I was running at the time, situated in central Auckland’s cool and buzzing Karangahape Road. She had heard through word of mouth by mutual friends or musical acquaintances, that I was interested in the paranormal… Continue reading A doll with a message

Haunted Mirror

I received a message from a concerned person that was in possession of a mirror; a mirror with something of a dark history that she needed to be rid of. An unassuming and quite cheaply made mirror that had come from The Warehouse, a New Zealand homewares dept store and had been used for many… Continue reading Haunted Mirror

The Old Melbourne Gaol (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

It’d been many, many years since I’d been to Melbourne. In-fact the last time I’d been I think Kylie and Jason were still mulling about on Ramsey street and I remember peeking over the fence at a friend’s house thinking that the set of Neighbours was on the other side. That was over 30 years… Continue reading The Old Melbourne Gaol (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Two recent ”Haunted” additions

A couple of recent additions to the haunted item research room (or the Hoarding / junk room, as the wife calls it!) Went around to collect these two mischievous girls, due to their inability to behave themselves, causing much grief and unease in this suburban One Tree Hill household. The story goes that the two… Continue reading Two recent ”Haunted” additions

New chatty haunted family member arrived!

A new addition to the ”haunted” family arrived today; this one travelling up by courier from Christchurch. Not too much of a back story on this one, really. Apparently the now deceased Mother used to talk to this little girl often when no one was around. During visits the family would hear their mother chatting… Continue reading New chatty haunted family member arrived!

Erskine College, Wellington

History Erskine College in Wellington built from 1905 by the Society of the Sacred Heart, is a collection of Class 1 recognised historic buildings which include the Chapel of the Sacred Heart and the Main Block Convent. The premises served as a Catholic girls’ boarding school; Convent of the Sacred Heart at Island Bay, until… Continue reading Erskine College, Wellington

The Blond Haired Boy

Hi all, looking for some help with information on this one. This week I received a framed picture. It belongs to someone, who’s grandmother no longer wants the picture in her home and believes it to be haunted and gotten rid of. It was going to be dumped, but I said I’d take it. She… Continue reading The Blond Haired Boy

Theory in Fear

Batman. Not a name that necessarily comes to mind at all when it comes to conversations concerning the paranormal and hauntings; however, there is an interesting link where life may imitate art.  Dr Jonathan Crane, otherwise known Scarecrow, is a villain in the Batman universe (and who also appears in the 2005 film “Batman Begins,”… Continue reading Theory in Fear

Ahiaruhe Abandoned House – Carterton

The abandoned house at Ahiaruhe has given rise to lots of legends. Perhaps the most frequently enquired after house in Wairarapa is a derelict mansion that sits atop a ridge in the Ahiaruhe district, across the road from Stonehenge Aotearoa. It must surely be the most photographed building in Wairarapa. It has all the requisites… Continue reading Ahiaruhe Abandoned House – Carterton

The Cage – St Osyth, Essex, United Kingdom

I first heard about The Cage in St Osyth a couple of years ago when I watched a programme on TV called ‘Great British Ghosts’. I was fascinated listening to Vanessa, the current owner, tell the TV crew about the events that had happened in the house since she had lived there.   After checking to… Continue reading The Cage – St Osyth, Essex, United Kingdom

The Borley Hauntings

Photo by Lisa Ward [Haunted Auckland]

The little village of Borley is located in a very pretty but sparsely populated area of North Essex and just a few miles away from the Suffolk border where I grew up. At one time the Borley Rectory was considered the most haunted house in England. As a small child I became fascinated with the… Continue reading The Borley Hauntings

A Short History of Sea-Monkeys

From Comic-Book Advertisements to Cryptobiotic Artemia   As a child during the late 1960s and early 1970s, living in England, I enthusiastically supplemented my already-extensive reading of British comics with any American comic-books that I could find, especially ones published by Gold Key or Charlton that featured popular television cartoon characters from that time period.… Continue reading A Short History of Sea-Monkeys

Alberton House – Mt Albert

Alberton is a distinctive colonial mansion, built about 1863 by one of Auckland’s elite landed families. Once the centre of an estate that stretched as far as the eye could see, this beautiful building grew from a farmhouse into an 18-room mansion – including Oriental styled decorative verandahs and towers. Famous in the 19th Century… Continue reading Alberton House – Mt Albert

The Soldiers of Selwyn Street

When I was about six, our family lived in Christchurch in an old rented three bedroom house on Selwyn Street in Spreydon. Sometimes I would wake up and there was a war on my bed with little people dressed like the King, soldiers, horses and canons, other times a tall soldier would walk out of… Continue reading The Soldiers of Selwyn Street

O’ahu Cemetery, Hawaii

The O’ahu Cemetery is the resting place of many notable early residents of the Honolulu area. They range from missionaries and politicians to sports pioneers and philosophers. Over time it was expanded to become an area known as the Nuʻuanu Cemetery. It was the first public cemetery in Honolulu, founded in November 1844. Due to… Continue reading O’ahu Cemetery, Hawaii

TheatreWorks – Birkenhead, Auckland

The team was called in to investigate ongoing reports of unusual activity and experiences by both staff and patrons within this deceptively sized North Shore community theatre. Team in attendance: Mark, Barbara, Ian and Sam Weather: Overcast / light rain Initial temperature taken: Exterior: 11.6°C  Interior: 14.5°C Theatreworks,  The home of the Mairangi players, a… Continue reading TheatreWorks – Birkenhead, Auckland

“A doll named Sue” PART 1: The Introduction, An experiment into haunted items.

Mid July we got a call from a woman explaining that her 91 yr old grandmother was having problems in her apartment and needed assistance. As always we were happy to oblige! Getting a distress call from someone in their 90’s is not a typical call for us. Most service calls we get are from… Continue reading “A doll named Sue” PART 1: The Introduction, An experiment into haunted items.

Trying to Sell Your Haunted House? Try Exorcism

If you found out that someone had died in a house you were planning to rent or buy, what would you do? Go ahead and move in without a thought, or leave the possibly ghost-ridden place for some other sucker? What if it wasn’t just a death, say, from accident or sickness, but a murder?… Continue reading Trying to Sell Your Haunted House? Try Exorcism

Lizzie Borden House

Lizzie Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was tried and acquitted in the 1892 axe murders of her father Andrew Borden and stepmother Abby in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Borden home, originally built for two families in 1845, was turned into a single family dwelling by Andrew. The house remains a city landmark… Continue reading Lizzie Borden House