Re-visit to Massey Homestead – Touch-light activation incidents

On July 25th, 2020, the team returned to follow up on a location we had investigated back in 2014. The mid 1800s built Massey Homestead; situated in lush, landscaped grounds in Mangere, is one building the team have been wanting to revisit for a few years now. It was a damn chilly night to be… Continue reading Re-visit to Massey Homestead – Touch-light activation incidents

Laishley House – Investigation Session 2

FRIDAY 10TH JULY 2020 Onehunga is a suburb of Auckland City in New Zealand and the location of the Port of Onehunga, the city’s small port on the Manukau Harbour. It is eight kilometres south of the city centre, close to the volcanic cone of One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie). The residential and light-industrial suburb, with… Continue reading Laishley House – Investigation Session 2

Lonely Homestead – South Auckland

This lonely old historic homestead sits derelict, graffitied and burnt out in a small grassy reserve setting on a busy roundabout road in Auckland’s Mangere. It was bought up by the Council for possible development a few years ago, yet still nothing has happened since except further degradation. Here’s hoping this beautiful old homestead gets the… Continue reading Lonely Homestead – South Auckland

Otuataua Stonefields: 2nd research visit – Mangere, Auckland

The Ōtuataua Stonefields show how the early Maori adapted to their new environment. New Zealand’s shorter growing seasons and colder mean temperatures ruled out many Polynesian staples. The settlers salvaged only a few crops – kumara, taro, yams and gourds, all plants with short growing seasons and small or tough leaves. In the inland Bay… Continue reading Otuataua Stonefields: 2nd research visit – Mangere, Auckland

Mangere Presbyterian Church

The Mangere Presbyterian Church is constructed in the late “timber Gothic” style and was built in 1874. It is registered for protection by Manukau City as a Category Two historic building. The church was originally constructed for $440 on land donated by Mr Robert Wallace. Famous members of the church include Robert Wallace himself, along… Continue reading Mangere Presbyterian Church

Massey Homestead, Mangere. Auckland

The Massey Homestead is an imposing historic building set in extensive gardens on Massey Road, Mangere East. It was for some years the home of William Ferguson Massey, who was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1912 to 1925. This is a brief history of the homestead, its ownership by the Massey family, its purchase… Continue reading Massey Homestead, Mangere. Auckland

St James Anglican Church & Cemetery – Mangere, Auckland

History of St James Anglican Church As with any historic building, stories abound about St James. Just about every part of the building and its conception has its own story to tell. From the very beginnings of the church to the present time. From the foundations to the roof and the top of the bell… Continue reading St James Anglican Church & Cemetery – Mangere, Auckland

Laishley House, Onehunga

Former residents warned their grandchildren of  frightening goings-on in the upper storey of this historic home. Is there something lurking upstairs at Laishley House?

Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve, Ihumātao

The Otuataua Stonefields, near Ihumātao, is one of the Auckland’s last volcanic areas where you can see the large-scale stonework and earthwork remains that show how people once lived and worked. A stark reminder of Auckland’s volcanic past. Location and History: 56 Ihumātao Quarry Road, Mangere. 21.1km – 27 minutes drive from Downtown Auckland. The… Continue reading Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve, Ihumātao

Renovations stir activity in Mangere

We currently have tenants living in the upstairs while we renovate upstairs. The things which come to mind are, the toilet flushing for no apparent reason, the stereo going on and off without anyone touching. My husband parked in the driveway at Easter and was upstairs in the house when his car stereo turned on,… Continue reading Renovations stir activity in Mangere

Undisclosed Location, Airport Oaks

The team was called in to check out this warehouse building in Mangere, that has staff constantly on edge with eerie feelings, a mysterious entity seen on security cameras, lights turning on and other sensations of general spookiness.